Ambush Ridge

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At the lowest point on the ridge between the most southern peaks of the kildal peak mountains lies the village of ambush ridge. These mountains where at one time part of the Asgard Utgard front. During the capture and freeing of the Ogre race, this point was an important place of victory for the Ogres. The Ogres where ambushed several times at almost every turn in the winded path they took up the mountain. But trough sheer force the Ogres prevailed.

When the Ogres passed the ridge, the shamans realized that further ambushes where unlikely, since the Ogres would now be fighting downhill. At this point the Ogres celebrated the many victories that the mountains had brought them.

Now this place of victory holds a small ruined shrine to Wana, build during this celebration and the smallest village in Midgard, housing a Midgardian cult of Wana. Every year, on the same day that the victory was celebrated, elven or fae magic users are ritually sacrificed on this shrine within the village. This creates a buzz of activity within this small village. Because the village is within Wild Midgard, no criminal acts are committed under Midgardian law. The site is a frequent place for battle though, as most of these captives have friends that try to save them. Almost every years the ritual is brutally interrupted by savage slaughter of cult member and enemy alike, only adding to the worshipping power of the ruined shrine, which draws more and more cultmembers to the place every year.

Ogres themselves rarely visit the place though. Their practical nature counteracts the symbolic need to sacrifice their captives at certain times... and certain places.