Asgard Society

Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

The society of Asgard is almost exclusively made up of elves and fae. Races from Midgard and Southern Heimr as well as the wild races do live in Asgard in small numbers. The fae and elves however do not permit them to be part of one of their castes. And because of it are also excluded from participating in the Asgardian society in any meaningful way.


Main article: Asgardian Castes

Asgardian society is divided up into 5 castes. Which caste someone is in depends on the caste their parents are in. Each caste fulfills a specific function in Asgardian society. The caste someone is born in determines how they will be educated and what occupations will be available to them. A person's caste also determines what rights someone has in Asgard. The more important the caste, the more rights and obligations someone will have. The five castes of Asgard are: (Ranked from most influential to least influential)

  1. Ruling caste
  2. Thaumatology caste
  3. Diplomats and scribes Caste
  4. Workers caste
  5. Warriors caste

Politics And Governance

The divinely appointed king and queen of Asgard are the official rulers of the country. They are supported by a large number of advisers who are known as the Silver Court. The silver court is made up of the heads of the most important families in the ruling caste. In the ruling caste the elven and fae families compete for power and prestige against each other. Officially, all governing and positions, including those of privately owned businesses and even military command are held by members of the ruling caste. They will often delegate the daily tasks to members of other castes, lending their support to families of these castes.

Law And Justice

Asgard has a rather radical approach to crime. Instead of prisons, Asgard locks their misfits up in insane asylums. Anyone showing 'strange' behaviour can be send to one of these asylums, where they can be held for decades, or even for life. Anything that can get Asgardians on the street to turn their head and frown at can be taken as a sign of insanity. Even things such as wearing the wrong cloths, walking on the wrong side of the street or talking in inappropriate ways or with incorrect grammar can be a potential offence. This approach causes many potential criminals to be locked up long before they become harmful. Because of this there is very little crime in the rural areas of Asgard.


To keep themselves safe, Asgard has turned the warrior caste into a breeding machine for the Asgardian military. Asgardian warriors are raised to believe that their only purpose in life is to die for their country.