Astrid Undain

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Astrid Undain, is an old female full-blood human who has had experience as a policy overseer of the Svadilfar special interest city (SIC), and she has leadership experience as a field general for the Midgardian army.

She was born in 2477 A.T.

She had large shares in the Banking guild but has recently sold these to other members of the family. From the money and the rest of her personal funds she is now funding the festivities in Port Ossic to thank to public for it's help during the street-war riots of September 2559 A.T.

Astrid Undain is a grey haired slender old crone with sharp features. It is easy to see that she used to be very strong physically and even has a battle scar or two on her sword arm. Beeing proud of these, she herself and all her servants always have a naked right arm, several of the Undain family uniforms for the high guard and the rest of her servants had to be re-designed to conform to this rule.