Knowledge Level: 
6 - Common knowledge, travellers tell tales about this.

Once the mighty and glorious capital of the Troll Nations, the city of Bregtahlem (a bastardisation of "BeghTrallPlem", Big Troll Place) is now a haunted ruin, swarming with mutants and all manner of other abominations.

The city was destroyed by a large assault of combined forces of Asgardian Military and divine beings more than two thousand years ago and has never been rebuilt. Ever since the destruction of their capital, the trolls have told the story of how the pride of their ancestors caused their downfall. The trolls refuse to call any place where they live a city, even for places like JallaPlem which is at least equal in size to several Midgardian cities. Calling such a place a city is a grave insult to any troll and is best avoided.