Creation of the Races

Knowledge Level: 
10 - Obscure, only wizened old sages and priests of Talor know this.

The races of Heimr have been created by the primary and secondary gods. The primary gods have created two races, one primary and one secondary. The secondary gods have created one race, a tertiary race.

The primary gods have created the primary race to be mostly like them. This means that the primary races match closely to the element of their creator, like Fae that are fiery and impulsive, while Tellurian are though and not too quick to act. They had more freedom with their second race, often choosing to create something quite unlike themselves. The very first member of all secondary races was elevated to godhood, creating the secondary gods. The secondary gods, created from those secondary races, then created a race where they had the freedom to create the race as they wanted it, thus creating the tertiary races. Every first member of all the tertiary races was again elevated to godhood.

After that the tertiary gods wanted to create more races, but the primary gods forbid them to do so, fearing for overpopulation and ever decreasing stability of Heimr every time a new race was created.