Dan-nor first of the High guard

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Dan-nor Dilfar? his burial mount is guarded by a small village and garrison of high-guard. Dan-nor was the first high-guard and one of the founders of Svadilfar.

Having tested and deemed the high-guard worthy, Talor vested great trust in Dan-nor, giving him near sainthood? abilities as the spiritual guide of the lawfull order of Midgard. After being assassinated just months before ascending to be a saint of Talor, Dan-nor was still given a very respectful burial to say the least and his burial mount is still a favorite pilgrimage site for would be priests of Talor.

Dan-nor his burial mount is located south of Svadilfar in his favourite and tame forest. Dan-nor always stated this "tamed forest" as a symbol of the lawful, urban and industrial strength of Midgard.