Divine Realm of Ratish

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The divine realm of Ratish consists of two mountains of equal height and shape, each topped with a massive fortress. One mountain is bathed in light and called Niveus Montis. The other mountain is bathed in darkness and called Urbha-mor. Where the two mountains meet a large storm can be seen, like an enormous thunderstorm. Yet when one observes more closely, this turns out to be an eternal battle between Seraphim and Grigori.

Niveus Montis

Niveus Montis, or "White Mountain", is the residence of Seraphim? and good mortal souls. It is a mountain of at least several thousan metres height. At the top is an enormous fortress, in which the Archangel of Ratish lives. At the foot the mountain is surrounded by a clear, calm, blue sea on three sides and a plain joining with Urbha-mor on one side.

Niveus Montis is bathed in white light, with some stray white clouds surrounding the peak that get thicker in the direction of Urbha-Mor.


Urbha-Mor, translated as "Black Mountain", is where evil mortal souls and the Grigori? dwell. Its shape is exactly the same as Niveus Montis, but it is bathed in darkness rather than light. A fortress similar to that on top of Niveus Mons top Urbha-Mor and like its counterpart, here resides the Archdeamon of Ratish.

The Plain of Eternal Battle

The plain that joins the two mountains is called the Plain of Eternal Battle and this is where the Seraphim fight a permanent battle against the Grigori and vice-versa. Each side constantly tries to outwit, outmanouvre, or otherwise outdo the other side. Yet each strike is always matched by a perfect counterstrike and neither side ever really gains ground.