economy of Midgard

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The economy of Midgard is relatively strong. Although Poverty and Homelessness is widespread and the individual is more often poor than rich, the economy itself is very strong since the market isn't regulated, taxed, nor hampered by regulations. Outside state clients are common, the lust for entertainment and other non-essential products is high and the competition is killing (sometimes literary). Monopolies rise and fall very fast and so does the price of everything fluctuates to constantly hit the right supply/demand/production-cost mark.

Productive activity is mainly focused on weapons, foodstuff and entertainment. These three products are also the main export products to Asgard, Utgard and sometimes other small lands.

Average wages in Midgard (before taxes or any other expenses) can be summed up as such:

  • Unskilled labour - 2 to 3 gold per month.
  • Skilled labour (soldiers, healers, alchemists, priests, mages, shamans, crafters, etc.) 4-6 gold per month.
  • Merchants 7-10 gold per month.
  • Mayor of small town - 100 gold per month.
  • Mayor of large town - 250 gold per month.
  • Mayor of city - 1250 gold per month.
  • Province leader - 2500 gold per month.
  • Anton Undain (rumoured) - 8000 gold per month.

Owners of companies can make anywhere in between 10 gold to 1000 gold per month.

Housing prices in cities or walled towns are around 20 (wooden house) to 800 (large stone house with courtyard) gold. In rural area's where land is cheap they are about half the cost.