Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

Name: Elves
Type: Secondary
Deity: Uastra
Creator Deity: Danu
Origin Area: Asgard
Current Area: Asgard

  • Stoic
  • Bureaucratic
  • Proud
  • Slow living

Demography: 4.2 million

Breeding: Year round
Gestation period: 11 months
Natural lifespan: 500 years
Life expectancy at birth: 235 years
Adulthood: 36 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 310 years

skin colour: Human tints
Other visually distinguishing features:

  • Pointy ears

Common languages:

  • Elvish
  • Northern Trade (English)

Common societal structures:

  • Kingdom (Asgard)
  • Caste system

Example female names:

  • Elanalue Ralojor
  • Mylaela Mirazana
  • Sumia Yinthyra
  • Falenas Mirafiel
  • Alvaerele Yelxalim
  • Alea Wysaro
  • Shyonia Phifina
  • Meriel Valrel
  • Lymsleia Morthyra
  • Essaerae Wysafaren

Example male names:

  • Cyran Farhice
  • Cluhurach Venbella
  • Iolas Ulajor
  • Eldar Helehana
  • Faeranduil Sargeiros
  • Aerendyl Dathana
  • Adamar Liarel
  • Ardreth Elxidor
  • Alas Yinralei
  • Fenian Vaqen

The Elves are one of the 15 races of Heimrians. Most of the elves live in Asgard, together with the fae. The goddess of the elves is Uastra. She is the goddess of tradition, harvest and preservation. Uastra and the elves were created by the goddess Danu, who is the goddess of the fae. Elves are particularly disliked in Southern Heimr, where the orcs, tellurians, ogres and trolls live.

Physical Appearance

Elf caster.jpg Elves are most commonly recognized by their upward pointed ears and their straight hair. Both men and women often have long hair, which they tend to wear untied. Elves often have a very fair skin compared to other races. This is because only the deepest of scares do not heal. Children will often have their birthmarks cut out and healed up. Most elven men have no facial hair, and those who do often shave very frequently.


Elves are the longest living race, this comes because of there temperate, slow and stoic lifestyle. Although elves are perfectly able to feel emotions to the same extremes as the other races, this usually doesn't influence their outward behaviour or mannerism. This makes it hard for non elves to gouge the emotions of elves which are usually communicated trough verbal language instead of body language.

Emotional bursts

Strong and sudden triggers of emotions can cause emotional bursts of extreme outwardly expression in some elves. Elf society has various ways of dealing with these outbreaks, see common culture.


Elves are omnivorous but they tend to eat relatively little meat and fish when compared to humans. They almost never eat their food raw. Elves bodies tend to be very well adjusted to processed and cultivated food.

Common Culture

Main article: common culture of elves

Elf culture is highly bureaucratic and based on many and complex rules. Almost all elf cultures are based in the Asgardian kingdom and thus are ruled by a single law; the Asgardian law. The culture is highly stratified, in Asgard specifically all elves (and fae) are divided into castes. Elf culture is also obsessed with controlling their emotions. The asylum system captures and attempts to cure elves that show emotional outbursts or other deviant behaviour. Deviant behaviour includes criminal behaviour; within elf culture criminals aren't seen as evil but simply as people with mental disorders. This system gives rise to a society where the few emotions that are shown visibly are usually reserved for when the elf is alone or with a select few friends.


Main article: history of the elves?

Elves society was stratified from the very beginning. Together with the original disciples and Uastra herself the Caste system was designed and changed little over time. Two large changes where introduced over time, parallel to numerous smaller adjustments.

The two large changes where the addition of the military caste, in response to aggressions with other races, and the adjustments that where made when the elf society merged with the fae society. The later change being very recent.

The old elf kingdom (Alzahir kingdom) was recently fused with the old fae kingdom (Sindhé kingdom) into the new Asgard kingdom as a response to the Utgard alliance, the merger has been a messy one with the elves seeing the outwardly expressive and emotional unstable fae as invasive to their tranquil culture.