Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.
Earthly Elves
Magically Potent
Skin Colour: 
Pink, brown


The fae are one of the two common races of Asgard, the other being the elves. They occasionally live in Midgard, usually for business purposes. Fae do not live in Southern Heimr because its population is fairly hostile to them. The race was created by the goddess Danu and most fae offer at least lip service to her. From her the fae learned to use primordial magic, which almost all fae are able to use as most of them possess the spark.

Physical appearance

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Like many other Heimrian races, the fae have the same skin tones as humans. Like the elves, the fae also have upward pointing ears. The most notable difference in their physical appearance are the bright coloured veins which can be seen through their skin. Almost all colors can occur, although blue and green hues are the most common.

All fae have curly or wavy hair and they will often allow this to grow long and wear it down. Fae often wear cloths of their own design and making. Because of this there is not really any common style of clothing. Often these cloths colourful and extensively decorated.

common culture

Behaviour And Motivation

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The fae are a creative and expressive people. They try to live their life to the fullest, making every day of their long lives count. The fae are passionate about the things they enjoy, but often find it hard to do those things they do not care much for. This is a common cause for conflict between the elves and the fae. When a fae is passionate about something, they will dedicate themselves entirely to it. Consuming the subject of their obsession like the fire that their goddess Danu put into them.

Living And Housing

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Many Fae treat Asgard as if it was one enormous garden. However instead of using fertilizer, the fae use their magical gift to shape the landscape of Asgard to a place that is easy for them to live in. Unlike the elves who tend to stick to the forests. The fae prefer the grassy regions of Asgard. Their they plant large gardens where everything will grow with exceptional zest. It takes much time to grow these gardens, but with an average life span of 350 years, the fae have plenty of time.

Most things Fae do is either done with the assistance of magic, or entirely through magic. This includes the farms, towns and cities they build. A two story building might take years to make. But once it is finished it will last for centuries, and it is always beautifully decorated. There are no plain surfaces anywhere in the home of a fae.

Communication And Art

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All Fae children are taught the native Fae language, as a result, this is the most spoken language of the Fae people. The language is regarded as the most beautiful language of Heimr. Due to its natural melody, the normal spoken word is often confused with singing. In addition to this, almost all fae are thought the High Trade language, which they use to communicate with the elves and the other Heimrian races.

Many of the greatest artists and writers on Heimr are fae. There is even a large demand for Fae art in Southern Heimr, though nobody there would ever publicly acknowledge having or buying such art. The Fae spend a lot of time creating art, composing songs and dance.