Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

Name: Fae
Type: Primary


  • Emotional
  • Long living
  • Visible spark veins
  • Prone to specific obsessions

Breeding: Year round
Gestation period: 10 months
Natural lifespan: 350 years
Life expectancy at birth: 145 years
Adulthood: 25 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 217 years

Other visually distinguishing features:
* Pointy ears

  • Magical veins caused by the spark


The fae are one of the two common races of Asgard, the other being the elves. They occasionally live in Midgard, usually for business purposes. Fae do not live in Southern Heimr because its population is fairly hostile to them. The race was created by the goddess Danu and most fae offer at least lip service to her. From her the fae learned to use primordial magic, which almost all fae are able to use as most of them possess the spark.

Physical appearance

41384717635_c8199b1051_o.jpg Like many other Heimerian races, the fae have the same skin tones as humans. Like the elves, the fae also have upward pointing ears. The most notable difference in their physical appearance are the bright coloured veins which can be seen through their skin. Almost all colors can occur, although blue and green hues are the most common.


Fae live a lot longer than other races, they have more intense emotions when compared to the other races and they have a natural affinity with the spark which is visible in the magical veins that spark-born fae have.

Fae have a tendency to get hyperfocused on personal projects of expression. When a fae is passionate about something, they will dedicate themselves entirely to it. Consuming the subject of their obsession completely and sometimes burning themselves out in the process.

common culture

Common Culture of the Fae


History of the Fae