Fae Behaviour And Motivation

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4 - Common knowledge, it was in the news last week!

The fae is one of the two dominant races living in Asgard.


Eons ago, the fae founded their Sindhé kingdom in what is now known as the Western parts of Asgard. Nowadays only the oldest of the fae can tell first hand of these long-passed days, for the passing of centuries and the Asgardian Unification made due to many of the traditions that defined the Sindhé.

It was a culture divided in four different courts, each named after the seasons of the year. Ideally each Court held power only temporarily, with each Lord or Lady ruling during their season and then passing on the leadership to the next Court. In practice, however, the turning over of power hasn't always gone as smooth as intended.

These courts were each closely tied to nature and held their appropriate role in fae society, much like the Caste System which later evolved and rooted itself in the Asgardian Kingdom. It is said that some feral tribes still cling to these ancient traditions.


One remnant of this old structure which is still very much alive today, is the practice of Contracts. These are most commonly used in the practice of Adoption within a higher Family or Castre. For example, a fae might let his family member be adopted by a prominent family in favour for his daughter's virginity or one-tenth of his yearly production of grain. Either bound by word or a small magical ritual, the contract is a socially accepted method of business. One of the Scribe's Caste roles is the remembrance of these multitude of contracts.

Contracts with other species are uncommon, but not unheard of. Slavery, for instance, is seen as a contract rather than forced labour.