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Fireforge is the third inhabited city of the Tellurians. It was founded in the Caldera Rim crater after the catastrophic event creating the Caldera Wasteland. The Caldera Rim crater offered a unique opportunity for the Tellurians, as the crater contains many direct vents into the world's core. It allowed the Tellurians to develop many new forging and smithing techniques, as well as containing many sources of unique materials.

The founding and continued existence of the city angers many Orcs, however, who see the Caldera Rim as a sacred site, to be left undisturbed except by pilgrims. They see the Tellurians and other races there as trespassers and several attempts, both peaceful and violent, have been made over the years to remove the Tellurians. The Tellurians refuse to give in, however, as the city has become the most important forging site to exist on Heimr.

While similar in nature to the former Tellurian city of Blazing Peak in that they are both built on top of volcanic hotspots, Fireforge does not face the same problems as Blazing Peak did. The different - and primarily, less violent - nature of the site makes Fireforge far more suitable for harnassing the magma deep underground. Many of the clans now living in Fireforge have lived in Blazing Peak when it was still inhabited.