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4 - Common knowledge, it was in the news last week!

Ganinisum, the joyful, the prank god, the jester god. Ganinisum is the known as the god of hospitality, humour and civilisation. He likes all things new (and shiny). He is generally liberal, leaving people to do as they please. But when provoked he can protect those who fail in life without the chance to better or prove themselves.

He is the first among the Gnomes, created by Gataur. He in turn created the Lizardman, picking Zalsz as the first amongst the lizardmen and a tertiary deity.


Although the word hospitality covers most of what is meant by this virtue it was actually Talor that coined the word "Gezelligheid" in the human language that Ganinisum often referred to when teaching his gnomes about the zeitgeist he was looking for at parties. A general feeling that caution in not needed because you are amongst friends. The masks of social conventions can be cast to the sideline. The strict rules of diplomacy can be dumped from the two story high window as neighbours that complain about the noise are generally simply invited to join the merriment. Organizers of parties and get togethers often invoke Ganinisum to lead them into making the occasion as stress free as possible.


All jokes aside, Ganinisum takes his humour very seriously. Humour is the only thing strict Ganinisum followers truly take seriously, often spending years developing their signature joke or prank that has the best effect on people; some people go as far as to develop variations on their personal signature joke depending on general mood of the crowd or even races that they are amongst. Other worshippers take a different approach, spending years learning as many jokes and amusing anecdotes as they can so they never run out of stories to tell at meetings. Verbal entertainers often pray to Ganinisum before a performance.


Civil conduct is the basis of a relaxed safe environment. Outside dangers to the civilisation must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly so the members of the civilisation can get back to the enjoyment of life as soon as possible without fear of repeat. Civilisation is a portfolio asset that Ganinisum gained inspired by the rigged communes that Gataur structured for the Tellurian. People that tame nature to make way for civilization to spread, often invoke the help of Ganinisum. This might include people that burn down patches of forests to create arable land. Or people that build roads that link different communities together into civilisation itself.

Good versus Evil

Ganinisum is primarily a good deity. There is far more positive than negative energy surrounding the worshippers of the prankster god. Evil worship of Ganinisum is highly disorganized and rare. Conflict between worshippers of Ganinisum is even less common.

Good Worshipping methods

The gnome worship Ganinisum by working hard by day, keeping their early forms of technology up to date and strengthening civilization. By contrast they party hard at night, hoping to draw the attention of a trivelin to liven up their life. Party goers often drink to Ganinisum, or dedicate their plays to him.

Evil Worshipping methods

Worshippers of Ganinisum's evil often have eating disorders, drinking problems, walk a thin line between "good joke" and "Deadly joke" and often lack the sense of humour. Formal cults are extremely rare, and Ganinisum cultists are often individuals who don't even call on Ganinisum himself, they just do what a Ganinisum cultist would do, and others call them that.


The colours orange and yellow capture the joyfull nature of Ganinisum and contrast nicely with the colours of Ranimsul. Cats and dogs as the most "homely" animals are often depicted in rituals and altars of Ganinisum, more rarely they also include chickens. Small colourful flags, children, laughter and jingle bells are often used to symbolize the celebratory nature of Ganinisum. it is a rare occasion that a ritual of Ganinisum is not "child-safe".

Ganinisum is often depicted as a sly, happy, laughing, dancing gnome in colourful clothing. Often times he also wears an mask of a cat or dog but rarely covering his face, more often discarded around his neck, on top of his head or around an arm somewhere. He is also sometimes seen sitting with a circle of children around him, obviously telling a joke to the laughing youth.

Nicknames and titles for Ganinisum include "The prankster god", "The jester god", "God of fun", "The joyful" and "The glow of laughter".

Angels Of Ganinisum

As his angels, Ganinisum created the trivelin. These are clownesk figures with skin that looks like a patchy suite of many different colours. The trivelin like to make people laugh with humorous actions and jokes. They sometimes simply barge into good parties, materializing right before the front door; climaxing the spirit of the party to new divine heights.

Deamons Of Ganinisum

Ganinisum's deamons are the doppelgänger. These creatures are masters of disguise. They can flawlessly imitate any mortal being, and are even able to imitate divine beings in a way that even convinces other divine creatures. Doppelgänger use this ability to infiltrate those they wish to hurt and play cruel pranks on them. They will very often kill the person who they pretend to be, to delay discovery of their true nature.

Mandate of Ganinisum

Apart from the General mandate of the gods Ganinisum has expressed the following wishes from her followers.

General Ganinisum

  • Have fun

Good Ganinisum

  • Bring fun to others

Evil Ganinisum

  • Make fun of others
  • Have fun at the expense of others