General mandate of the gods

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Gods rarely outright demand things of mortals, not wishing to temper with free will. But they do make their wishes known trough divine beings or with the help of priests.

There are things that all gods in general want. Some of these are strict rules that are enforced with harsh punishment if mortals break them.

The evil and good mandate of a single god are often at odds. Very generally speaking mortals pick one of the gods to worship and follow.

General mandate. All 15 gods (both the good and evil side) agree with these

  • Souls should end up in the godly afterlife.
  • New souls should be created (Making children is a good way to do this).
  • Teach about and initiate people (and especially children) into my faith.
  • Worship regularly (preferably at least every day) with a priest or at a shrine.
  • Do not bother us directly. Ask questions to your priest. Priests ask questions to the divine beings.
  • Do not enter the divine realms.
  • Do not use divine magic without mandate of a god.
  • Do not forcefully summon divine beings.
  • Do not break reality.
  • Communicate these mandate to other mortals if you see them breaking these.
  • Hinder my enemies.

Good mandate. (all 15 good sides of the gods agree with these)

  • Perform good deeds.
  • Do not perform evil deeds.
  • Educate yourself on the feelings of other so your good deeds bring happiness to the world.

Evil mandate. (all 15 evil sides of the gods agree with these)

  • Sacrifice souls to me.
  • Perform evil deeds.
  • Weaken the other gods.