Gnome dominion

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The Gnome dominion (called "Fellroot" by the inhabitants) is a non-state democracy, situated for most part within the hunting fields and somewhat in long ear forest itself. The dominion is ruled by The Felekos family since only members of the Felekos family are allowed to run for the position of leader every eight years (or if the old leader suddenly dies). The Gnome dominion is inhabited mostly by gnomes.

Relationship with Midgard

The largest part of Gnome dominion lies within Midgardian boundaries and although this part of the dominion follows Midgardian rule and pays Midgardian taxes, most of the gnomes receding in this part of Fellroot call themselves "Fellrootians" and see following the current laws of Midgard more as an active choice than as a consent.

Most gnomes believe that they could easily separate from main Midgard if laws where to be implemented that the current leaders of the dominion would not like. The Felekos family seems to be on mostly good terms with the Undain family though.

Laws within the forest

Apart from the fact that all taxes payed when living in the forest go the the dominion instead of Midgard, some additional laws are currently active within the part of the dominion that lies within long ear forest.

Pact of peace.

On pain of death, no inhabitant of this part of the dominion is to deliberately harm any feyfolk of long ear forest in any way. What constitutes as "harm" is documented and defined by the Felekos family but includes:

  • Causing physical pain to
  • Casting spells on (without consent)
  • Stealing from
  • Damaging property of
  • Coming near holy shrines of
  • Hunting game of any herd frequented by feyfolk.

Things that are not included are:

  • Insulting feyfolk (although it is highly frowned upon).
  • Causing financial harm trough the means of the legal free market.

The feyfolk within the forest have an equal law regarding inhabitants of the dominion.

This harsh rule was part of the peace agreement between the gnomes of the dominion and feyfolk of the forest.

Military duty

Unless granted pardon by the Felekos family, all able bodied gnomes must serve in the dominions military for a minimum of two years starting at the age of 20. Pardon is granted very frequently, especially to richer gnomes or gnomes with important jobs. Others choose to serve longer, receiving payment in return.

Military of Fellroot

Fellroot's military consists of drafted gnomes from the dominion and is payed for by taxes payed by the inhabitants of the forest part of the dominion.


The capital of Fellroot is called Topuur.


The full history of Fellroot can be read in the history of gnomes?.