Knowledge Level: 
6 - Common knowledge, travellers tell tales about this.

The High-Guard of Midgard is a special form of guard that is allowed to ignore crime and focus on solving or preventing crimes that private parties pay for. They are effectively law bound mercenaries that are accredited by Midgard to uphold the law, punish people and enforce legal contracts. A difference with the normal watch is that the High-Guard is allowed to ask payment for their services and they are allowed to not act against crimes of their choice, instead focusing on the crimes they get paid for (note: This doesn't mean they are allowed to not report these crimes. A high-guard that ignores a crime must report that crime to a nearby guard house). Midgard gives the High-guard this freedom because of their strict regulated training program and quality. High-Guardmen are trained in Svadilfar.

High-guard ranking

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High-guard training

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Important high-guardsmen

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