Hill of plenty

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The hill of plenty is a village of Slemmering. It is a small divine magical settlement, created by Vanessa in probably one of her more evil moods.

Living in this village will rob you of worry and care, because food seems to magically appear in unmanned bakeries and shops and new large shelters and homes seem to be build and cleaned overnight without any labor. Some jewel shops even seem to spawn the occasional jewels, all for free. In truth this work is done by fauns who slip in at nightfall and work until dawn. Marauding orcs and other groups with the intent of pillaging always seem to slip past the village and attack neighbouring villages instead; unless they are looking for a specific person, in which case the person is quickly expelled from the village. This makes it the ultimate place for the slothful, forever being taken good care of by a goddess.

Living in this village carries a heavy price however; staying in this village and eating from it's food will reduce you to a gibbering, insane, pathetic shade of yourself within a day; only partially able to walk to the food for consumption and only very rarely experiencing a horrible moment of clarity in which you see what has become of yourself. The villagers also seem to whisper Vanessa's name in praise and worship constantly, occasionally heralding the name of one of her demons or angels instead and spend the rest of their days having sex, eating, sleeping and occasionally fighting each other for an enjoyment which they don't really consciously experience.

Some mortals are willing to pay this price and choose to live in this village even though the consequences are well known within Midgard and warning signs are posted around the village explaining the situation.

Others have tried to exploit the magical attributes of the village only to notice that the food and jewels they intended to sell elsewhere seem to rot and crumble the instance they set foot outside of the village.

The village is found in the middle of crater hills.