history of humans

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Demography: 4.2 million

Creator Deity: Talor
Origin Area: Midgard
Current Area: Midgard


The human race evolved from a hunter-gatherer community to a community of nomads herding some animals and even later (when the lands we now call Midgard) where cultivated, they settled into permanent settlements. These permanent settlements where feudalistic and lorded over by the stonecold family, the original royal family of the humans. After the fall of the stonecold family the humans adopted their free and individualistic culture. A lot of the old royals still retained most of their land and vassals in the form of possession and employees and even to this day old royal families tend to be rich and powerful.

Age of the gods

During the age of the gods, Talor himself walked among the humans.


Human was the first race created by Talor. Talor himself is the first human. Talor placed the humans at the center of Heimr. The middlepoint of the continent, just south of the Targash hills.

  • The first breath.
  • The first feast.
  • The first song.
  • The first birth.
  • The first death.
  • The first fear.
  • The first murder.

Talor's teachings

  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Trade and Travel

Arguments with Talor and the whirlwind of ages.

  • First argument of existence
  • Argument of free will
  • Argument of time
  • The endless argument
  • Talors Anger and the whirlwind of ages.

The floating library

  • Talor's regret and retreat.
  • Creation of the library.
  • Talor's last attempt to teach.
  • Talor teaches teachers.
  • The teachers test and the Stonecold winner.

Talor's departure and the royal Stonecold family

  • The Royal family
  • Talors blessing
  • The teachers become servants of Talor and the first priests
  • Talor leaves the Humans in the care of the royal family taking the teachers with them.
  • The library disappears.

First age of mortals

Knowledge forgotten

  • Without the teachers and the library the race scatters into nomadic tribes.
  • The stonecold family tries to keep them together but doesn't succeed completly.
  • Crime is high without divine influence to keep things in check.
  • Allot of knowledge is lost before the race comes to grip with the fact that they now have to write things down and pass them on to their children for the knowledge to keep existing.
  • Only a small core tribe, the Stonecold tribe, remains in one point and practices Talors teachings.

Exploration and meetings

  • The nomadic tribes scatter and meet the other races, stories of fantastic encounters with strange beeings and lands reach the Stonecold tribe. However, the Nomadic tribes encounter allot of hardship without the Talors teachings, so allot return and join the tribe into a form of kingdom.
  • The nomadic tribes keep away from the forests and mountains, heading at least this basic warning of Talor.

Hostilities and the fall of the first kingdom

  • Cultural conflict erupts between the civilized humans and the savage southern races.
  • In contrast. Cultural conflicts erupt between the civilized Asgardians and the relatively savage humans.
  • Full war between Southren races and the Kingdoms of Asgard. Midgard is occupied several times.

Occupation and the shadow kingdom

  • During the occupation, the Stonecold tribe still rules the human race in secret.
  • Slowly but certainly, trough market manipulation and good use of critical resource rationing the Stonecold traders turn Utgard and Asgard, from occupiers, into customers.

Age of the kingdoms

Midgard reclaimed

  • Not without some small conflicts, bluff standoffs and treats to break their neutrality, Midgard claims it's independence.
  • Regan Stonecold is crowned king.

Talor's test and the fall of the royal family

  • Talor tests the old royal family with his temptations. Regan falls because of his greed.
  • The lorekeepers are tested and only just make the right decision.
  • The bank of Midgard seized power.

Banking Dictators

  • The banking guild rules Midgard and the lenders "vote" for their favourite bank by giving it more power trough money. Thus richer people have more say in who gets to lead. This results in a very free, liberal, right*wing country with a minimal of government influence.
  • The leading bank switches frequently, and coalitions are often formed and broken, in the beginning but after a while this stabilizes and now most banks stay in power for at least a generation or longer.
  • Although the leading bank switches sometimes, the banking guild as a whole has never lost it's power over Midgard because they hold most of the capital and can thus employ allot of the Midgardian mercenaries in case of rebellion.
  • Other races are soon accepted into Midgard, ending the history of the humans and beginning the history of Midgard as a multi*racial dictatorship. Saint Mayu of Ganinisum is instrumental in this change of policy.
  • Allot of Nomadic tribes of humans still exist to this day however, these tribes never joined Midgard.
  • Another large portion of humans have settled in lands different from Midgard. Some are welcome in the Tellurian cities or Asgardian kingdom.