History of the feyfolk

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Creator Deity: Ranimsul
Origin Area: Damp forest
Current Area: Midgardian forest

Demography: 1.0 million

Feyfolk love discussing history in legend, song and game but have little love for "real" history, or what lorekeepers would call "real" history. For the feyfolk, legends are as real as need to be.

Feyfolk have been living in wild natural shelters since they came into existence, but their technology has become more and more advanced over the last 1000 years. Because of their carefree nature most forms are not inclined to develop technologies themselves, but the elders of the race have been known to dabble in technology when there was time to spare and when a community grows large enough there are forms that have an expressed purpose to think about the expansion of the town and the race has forms that are specialized in documenting and assimilating technologies from the other races, mostly the gnomes.