History of the ogres

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Creator Deity: Ratish
Origin Area: Wana's eye
Current Area: Southern Heimr

Demography: 3.2 million

Ogre history is often not documented and thus most is lost over the years, but one singly stories is known even to most Ogres. The story of how Asgard once tried to cultivate the Ogres and how this failed. Ogres are mostly nomads, there tribes travel all over the lands around and in Utgard. At one point in history the Ogres encountered the Asgardian races by travelling to far from their birth place. The Fae, more organized and centralized than the Ogres back then, captured several of the tribes that wandered to close and held them as prisoners. The Fae gave the stronger and leading ogres bracelets with magical power to hold them under their command. The elves and Fea wanted to help the ogres to become more civilized and less destructive and tried forcing this upon the Ogres with magic. The ogres saw this as a way of turning their races into slaves, however so the whole plan would eventually fail. After a few years the ogre society banded together with a large amounts of tribes because they where getting information about what happened to their brothers and sisters. A large Ogre army, lead by Granz was formed, combining several tribes, and marched towards the "captured" Ogre tribes. This is known as the Berzerker Arm, and the campaign contains some of the greatest battles the Ogres have ever fought. Most of the Ogres, where freed during this campaign, also because the Fae never truly intended to capture the Ogres indefinitely. The Ogres, holding the grudge and now bolstered with additional numbers, started raiding the Fae and elves indiscriminately, first because the difference between Fae and Elves was not clear to them yet, and after that because the elves retaliated and because the ogres learned that the elves had a hand in constructing the braces (that the elves didn't knew what they where going to be used for was not known at the time, and is irrelevant in the eyes of most ogres anyway.) This war, that lasted for several years, is one of the main reasons for the hatred between Ogres and the races of Asgard.