Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

Name: Human
Type: Primary
Deity: Talor
Creator Deity: Talor
Origin Area: Midgard
Current Area: Midgard

  • Industrious
  • Varied
  • Adaptive

Demography: 4.2 million

Breeding: Year round
Gestation period: 9 months
Natural lifespan: 85 years
Life expectancy at birth: 26 years
Adulthood: 18 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 51 years

skin colour: human tints
Other visually distinguishing features:

  • None

Common languages:

  • Southern Trade (Dutch)
  • Northern Trade (English)

Common societal structures:

  • Plutocracy (Midgard)
  • Immigrant

Example female names:

  • Gyda
  • Averil
  • Elgiva
  • Esther
  • Godith
  • Hilde
  • Nina
  • Ellie
  • Sarah
  • Riana

Example male names:

  • Ulric
  • Sadon
  • Gregory
  • Gerard
  • Peter
  • Alfred
  • Wilfrid
  • Sam
  • Oscar
  • Eric


Humans are the dominant race in Midgard. They live for about 85 years before they die of old age. Because of their short life span they tend to be very ambitious and Curious, they also seem very driven on producing offspring because of this. They have very little inter racial feeling of honour and respect and most of the small fry are destined to work their entire life just to stay alive. Somehow the human nature accepts this as unavoidable however.

Physical appearance

41384804555_96891ed9e7_o.jpg Humans are tall humanoids that have very varied appearances. Their skin colour varies greatly from region to region and so does the colour of their hair and eyes. The muscles on humans are more visible than on elves and fae but less than on the Utgardian races. They do not have large fangs and the men can have facial hair, but the woman generally do not. Their hair can be the length of elves or wavy or curly, or the men can be bold by nature. When humans grow old their skin gets wrinkled. They lose the pigment in their hair which gives the hair a grey colour.


Humans live a natural lifespan of about 85 years. They are biologically no different from earth humans.


Humans eat fruits, berries, vegetables, legumes, tubers, grains, poultry, fish, seafood, beef, pork, eggs, dairy and nuts. Things they (usually) don't eat that other races do are rocks and each other. Apart from that humans are rarely picky about their food. Humans usually don't eat their meals raw.

Common Culture

Main article: common culture of humans

Most humans live in Midgard and the midgardian culture is heavily influenced by early human culture.

Human culture is more practical when compare to Asgard or Utgard, Asgard because they sometimes tend to choose beauty of comfort and Utgard because they don't have the crafting skills or need for comfort. Human culture is driven by efficiency rather than effectiveness and they tend to choose for quantity above quality. Humans are also noted for their desire to understand and influence the world around them, seeking to explain and manipulate natural phenomena through religion, science, philosophy and mythology.

Most human cultures are highly individualistic and free.


Main article: history of humans

The human race evolved from a hunter-gatherer community to a community of nomads herding some animals and even later (when the lands we now call Midgard) where cultivated, they settled into permanent settlements. These permanent settlements where feudalistic and lorded over by the stonecold family, the original royal family of the humans. After the fall of the stonecold family the humans adopted their free and individualistic culture. Allot of the old royals still retained most of their land and vassals in the form of possession and employees and even to this day old royal families tend to be rich and powerful.