Important groups of people in Midgard

Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

Within Midgard individuality is highly valued. Most people are only responsible for themselves but some feel responsible for their partner or young children. The strange thing is that although individuality is seen as a virtue, almost everybody is part of one or more groups that certainly help each other. The reasons to join and stay in a group are almost as varied as the groups themselves.

These are the broad categories of groups:


The tree most important families of Midgard are:


Guilds have long been powerful and important groups in Midgard. The tree most important guilds of Midgard are:

  • The banking guild is an old guild and currently the most powerful of Midgard.
  • The weapon crafters guild is the oldest guild of Midgard, vital to the state it's early survival.
  • The third most powerful guild of Midgard. The guild of the lorekeepers called Truth. The national newspaper and record keepers of Midgard.
  • More important guilds of Midgard.
  • The full list of guilds


Councils are groups of people revolving around a single idea, ideology, job, situation or problem. The tree most important councils of Midgard are:


Churches are groups of people that revolve around the same religion. They can be cults, however cults are often secret and probably won't show up on this list. The tree most important churches of Midgard are:


Here is a list of other groups in Midgard that do not fall under the above categorization. The tree most important other groups in Midgard are: