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High Language: Troll Harbour
Low Language: Trollenvaart
Native Language (Troll?): JallaPlem

Trollenvaart, also known as JallaPlem by its local inhabitants, is a group of 7 islands closely located to each other. It was originally settled over 1500 years ago by Trolls, who still make up the majority of the population. However, in recent years the islands have been turned into an Utgardian marine base of strategic importance. This has brought along quite a few shipbuilders and merchants. Who with their great wealth have bought and contracted a great deal of the islands. This has led to resistance from the traditional population.

The JallaPlem islands are best known for its low-tide bridges. These narrow bridges become visible for 3 hours every day, when the tide is at its lowest. This essentially creates 3 lakes. The unusually high tide, which was estimated at 6 meters, enables ships to cross the bridges for large parts of the day. Knowing how to cross and when to cross has on several occasions given an edge to the Utgardian fleet.


The north-western island is called Nataluh, a name the trolls also gave to the current rulers. NatLuh is a reference to the merforlk who currently control this island. They have made a fortune supplying the Utgardian fleet with food, rope and salt water filters. As they are the only species able to resupply a ship in the middle of the ocean this has made them quite important. The activities of the merfolk on Nataluh are an extension of their supplying business. Several large warehouses drive the economy of the island and provide a large number of trolls with a steady income.


The north-eastern island of Undia is mostly inhabited by trolls and orcs. There are several large plantations on the island, on which some of the more exotic herbs available in Heimr are farmed. The most famous of which is the Undia bean, used for making Undia tea. When it is not harvesting season the slaves and workers train their fighting skills. These semi-professional soldiers are frequently picked up by Utgardian warships that are low on crew. Workers are coming and going continuously. The plantations are owned and run by native troll families. Other trolls on the islands often consider these families traitors. Claiming that the rich families sold out the troll heritage.


The eastern island of Choppazam is the manysmallest of the JallaPlem Islands. The place is controlled by several packs of trolls. These trolls pride themselves as being the original inhabitants of the JallaPlem Islands. They are wild and blood thirsty, The island has a very thick vegetation and is by many considered too hostile to be settled. The packs of trolls controlling the islands are very territorial. Any who attempt to cross it without permission will be robbed, raped and murdered. The island's greatest value is the land bridges it has with Nataluh. A local saying states that anyone who wants to benefit from the merfolk will have to deal with the trolls.


Prem is the center island of JallaPlem. It's heavily populated with merchants, Utgardian soldiers and the native trolls. The island's steep slope leads up to a large volcano. After the last eruption in 2542 A.T. the Island has been in relative piece. Its centralized position means that land transportation to four of the six other islands is possible. This has made it the best place to settle for craftsmen and traders. There are also a lot of valuable metals to be found close to the surface. Which makes making mining for ore unnecessary.


The largest of the JallaPlem Islands is Breghdam. The island makes up the largest part of the eastern coast, facing the lands of Asgard. Because of this, the island was chosen by the Utgardian army as the home for its base. Many ships have stranded on the sharp cliffs on the eastern coast. The only safe access point coming from the east is through the LeggaTall bay. Much of the island's primary function is to accommodate the Utgardian forces. Aside from the docks and the barracks, around the island pubs, inns and brothels are scattered between merchant houses who attempt to make a living selling weaponry, expensive souvenirs and trinkets.


The south-eastern island of BoghPa is a vital part of the Utgardian marine infrastructure. Its home to several large docks in which ships and war machines are build and repaired. In the past, the island of BoghPa used to have a dense forest. However due to the large request for wood, few trees remain on the island. The mills of BoghPa have been processing wood from all over the JallaPlem islands. It is estimated that by 2565 A.T. there will not be a single tree left on the JallaPlem islands. As such there is much profit to be made from stripping old ships for wood. This has created a unique trade in ships that are barely sea worthy.

Oehm Kah

Oehm Kah is more commonly known as Blood Island. It's the most southern of the JallaPlem islands and is controlled by orcs and trolls. Large flocks of sheep, pigs and cows roam around the island and provide food for the Utgardian fleets. Expanding their methods of farming, orcs have in recent years begun experimenting with breading elves for food production. This controversial product has led to much debate on whether elves shouldn't be solely treated as the enemy, or if their delicate flavored flesh can be considered a source of food for the richer and powerful. The debate is still going on. In the mean time rich Utgardian merchants and high ranking officers pay large sums for these out-of-battle delights.