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Januri, the romantic, the lady of the Sea and first of the merfolk. Januri created the Nymph and named the first Vanessa who ascended to become a secondary goddess. She is the inventor of love. She sparked the relationship between Danu and Gataur. Januri is the goddess of love, seafaring, beauty and Water.


Water, The element of Januri. From thick mists to boulders of ice to the vast seas Januri is said to have a hand in all the forms of water. Water is used as a way of cleansing in many religions. Worshipers usually call for Januri's water in the form of rain to water crops or to save the dried pond in a desert oasis.


Seafaring, The way of travel within the domain of Januri. Across the edges of the mainland of Heimr and near river banks. Many shrines to Januri can be found. Some sailors even proclaim it to be madness to sail without asking the blessing of Januri. Some captains even bring small delicate shrines to Januri on board. These shrines are made to be fragile and act as bad omens when they break during a voyage.


Not all races carry the desire of Love but those who do turn to Januri. Men who wish for the love of a woman, Mothers who are forced leave their babies, and even children who wander the lands alone pray to Januri for love. Worshipers try to spark and cherish love between men and women. Priests thank Januri for inventing and spreading the concept and feeling of love.


As there are those who pray for love there are worshipers who pray for beauty. Many Races cherish the concept of beauty and so turn to Januri for it. Nearly all races wish to be more beautiful. Artists pray to Januri as well. Those who just wish to create something beautiful with no particular expression will more likely pray to Januri instead of Danu. Januri has always been seen as the most beautiful creature ever to walk Heimr. All the races picture Januri's humanoid upper half to be the object of desire for that race. Shrines often contain the most beautiful stones shells and pearls. Thieves know this as well and roam the lands to plunder the shrines.

Evil versus Good

Merefolk clerics of Januri conduct traditional masses of worship of the gathering within their normally individual lonely life. Sea dwellers attend to the masses of the merefolk clerics. Water mages worship trough study of the arcane part of the element. Evil cults steal and drown young children and baby's, and summon water elementals. Love and beauty can be given and taken. Evil worshipers use false love and false beauty to lure their victims into the seas.


The colour most commonly used for Januri is algae green and deep blue.
Her animal symbol is a dolphin.
The instrument associated with Januri is the conch. Worshippers also drum on ice in her honour
Symbols for Januri are Pearls shells and other beautiful things that come from the sea. An anchor and a dolphin are common symbols for Januri as well. Her colours are dark blue and green. The instrument used at ceremonies dedicated to Januri us the conch. In the desert and on hot farmlands a rainmaker is often the instrument of choice. Nicknames for Januri are: Lady of the sea, Ruler of the waters, Love bringer, Beauty of the world.

Januri is often depicted as a full grown well curved woman with a fishtail. She is commonly painted on a rock at sea. Her hair is painted dark blue that fades into the water. Her skin is dark green and her garments are made out of shells seaweed or algae. She is often pictured blowing a kiss or in the background of a painting of the sea.

Angels Of Januri

The nāga are Januri's race of angels. The nāga are a race of large serpent with multiple heads. They are highly adapt swimmers but can also make their way on land. A common rumour about the heads is that the amount of heads dictate it's strength and rank in the divine hierarchy but this has not been verified by the nāga themselves.

Deamons Of Januri

Water elementals, when summoned, cause whirlpools and giant waves that sink ship and flood coastal villages before leaving an area filled with thick mist. The mist is often used to hide secrets from mortals and can be summoned at will as well. If the water elemental has the time and wishes to be subtle it can destroy objects or even topple buildings by seeping in the material and causing rust and rot.

Mandate of Januri

Apart from the General mandate of the gods Januri has expressed the following wishes from her followers.

General Januri

  • Seek beauty in all forms

Good Januri

  • Spread beauty

Evil Januri

  • Hoard beauty
  • Throw things in the sea