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Killspot is a very dangerous special interest village. Created by several trill seekers and professional combatants, the "village" is nothing more than a round wooden wall. Guards places outside of the wall will inform you that there are no laws in this village before you enter, and that it is not meant for residence but for free for all sport killing.

Surrounding the village several towers and ramps have been build to witness the killings inside the "arena".

The arena is usually empty but ever so often a rich merchant or lord announces that he will catapult gold or other treasures over the wall of killspot to please the population of Midgard that usually comes from all corners to witness or partake in such an event.

Killspot is located north-east of New Ul-Targash. The roads leading up to it are deemed dangerous since it is a known scamming tactic to lure people into killspot for a fair one on one winner takes all fight, only to be jumped by allot of people, killed and robbed legally.