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Renowned Nigerian blogger, Lindaikeji launches her substantially anticipated brand, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) right now (November 1) as promised. As part of her diversification scheme, Linda Ikeji has expanding her business enterprise to include 4 new brands - Linda Ikeji Tv, Linda Ikeji Radio, Linda Ikeji Music and Linda Ikeji Socials which is the mother of them all. The queen of blogging nowadays launches one more initiative named Linda Ikeji Social which is a web site that combines blogging and social networking with electronic commerce. Speaking at the launch she stated "Sometime in April this year, I went out someplace and I met two ladies who approached me, they are major fans of the blog. Even though we have been chatting, they told me that they only visited two sites. My blog and Facebook.
I wondered later on, if these females have been offered a option to pick out between my website or Facebook, which 1 would it be? 1 of the important USPs is that you can make dollars off the web page either through promoting genuine and original stories (You would be awarded N1,000 for every story). Through your pages — these with a massive following (At least 50,000 followers) on LIS would be awarded 25% of the ad revenue, and ultimately, Giveaways! The money you get will be stored in your wallet, proper on the platform. You can also obtain and sell anything, no words on the cost that would be attached to this.
Apart from enjoying the Linda Ikeji giveaways, you can make significant dollars from this platform. Signup with Linda Ikeji Social Right here (If you are not there currently). You can signup with Facebook account. See the image below. Setup your your Profile to attract Followers: this is very important. Make certain you profile picture and bio is eye-catching enough to attract followership. Develop your followers. There are lots of strategies to grow your followers on Linda Ikeji social. One particular way to achieve this is to adhere to others. Get started my following me here. Also, be really active be posting fascinating updates and photographs.
Commence commenting on News: Inform people today to comply with you when you leave comments on news. Make certain you are active on the news section. Submit Eye Witness news in the submit stories section. This will assistance you to make authority and attract additional followers. Make N1,000 When you write original article on Linda Ikeji Social. This is no joke! Linda Ikeji Social pays N1,000 for each and every special short article authorized for payment. Once you post is authorized for payments, the revenue will reflect on the wallet section. These signifies that you can be making upto N20,000 every day if you submit 20 original post on Linda Ikeji Social every day. That will be whooping N600,000 extremely month. You can use this funds to purchase goods on line or get it through your local bank account.
To write a post on Linda Ikeji Social, very simple ligin and clik on Submit s story button. According the Linda Ikeji herself, each and every week, Linda Ikeji Social member will go residence with mouth-watering gifts, cash and other prizes. For many, this is a superior way to make funds from this platform. Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) is providing away 1 Million Naira (N1,000,000) to 50 lucky customers. The very first 50 customers to attain 100 followers get N20,000 every. Just like facebook page, you can also produce a enterprise page in Linda Ikeji Social network. This feature alone has revolutionaize the platform.
Once more, if you small business web page have at least 100,000 followers, the LIS will spot 2 advert banners on your page. This implies that you will go property with 20% X2 per banners placed on your page. This is far greater than Facebook page. Make dollars from Linda Ikeji social by driving visitors to your blog or web-site. Publish updates with links to your web sites. Your followers will click the link and take a look at your weblog or website. This could be a very fantastic source to increase targeted traffic to your blog. Make money from Linda Ikeji social by posting affiliate hyperlinks. You can involve affiliate hyperlinks in your update or profile bio. Most of your followers may possibly click the affiliate links and invest in from it.
Of course you know that that in affiliate advertising and marketing, you’ll have a commission when anyone buys from your link. Make funds from Linda Ikeji social my selling direct items on the web. There’s is a feature that looks like a store or offers. Make revenue from Linda Ikeji social by expanding your email subscriber list. You can involve a subscription link in your updates. Most of your followers might click to join your email list. Of course you know the significance of e-mail list on net marketing. I am personally employing Linda Ikeji social to make money on the net. You also can benefit from these social revolution coming from Nigeria.
Following the macabre social media drama that played out in between the ‘Pakurumo’ singer, Wizkid and major blogger, Linda Ikeji final week, we take a appear at other celebrities that have been at daggers drawn with the blogger. Durosoke’ rapper, Olamide, bared his fangs at the gossip-peddler in 2014 when she published a story that he was expecting a child with his longtime girlfriend. Olamide took to his social media pages to vent that Linda in no way publicises any very good point that happens in his profession, but she’s usually eager to post unfavorable news about him. Alapomeji singer, 9ice is a further entertainer that does not feel also hugely of Linda. The lanky singer as soon as issued a stern warning to the blogger in no way to post any of his songs without his permission.
He wrote, ‘I will kill…I will fight anybody that dares put my song on the internet for no cost. Where was Linda Ikeji when I was out with my initial album? Linda Ikeji, who are you? I do not even know her Linda Ikeji, if you are expecting a dime from me fa fa foul. Popular and properly-loved thespian, Funke Akindele didn’t find it funny when Linda reported in 2015 that a post on Funke’s Instagram page was poking exciting at Toyin Aimakhu’s marital crisis. Funke, who studied Law, thereafter threatened Linda to take down the post inside 24 hours, or she would sue her. When it comes to people who Linda Ikeji has stepped on their toes, it cuts beyond the entertainment industry.
Common cleric, Chris Okotie, also had his fair share of ‘beef’ with Linda, when she published a story that the pastor who presides over the Household of God Church supports Christians obtaining tattoos. Newly-married actress, Tonto Dikeh, was also not pleased with the kind of stories Linda Ikeji publishes about her. She took to her Twitter web page to address the challenge. She wrote, ‘When will you grow up and understand? When actually would you ever be pleased sufficient to ignore the hate you feel inside? Veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), was incensed when Linda reported in 2012 that he built a N250million property in Ikeja.
Jim Iyke, as we all know, requires no prisoners when he’s upset. When Linda published a story that didn’t go down nicely with him, he tweeted, ‘It’s my deal with and my space. I do with it what I please. If that hermaphrodite witch, Linda and her lame workers do not like it, then hug a transformer! Radio character and party pooper, Toke Makinwa, has also had some beef with Linda in the previous. Toke when took to her radio show to say, ‘I don’t think Linda Ikeji is a role model. Handsome actor, Yemi Solade, named out Linda just after she took photos of his family members from his social media web page and posted it on her blog. The actor was so enraged about her act and he place her on blast. He wrote, ‘I posted photos on Facebook and some funny Nigerians started writing stories from my photos. Frontline cleric, Pastor E. A. Adeboye’s son, Leke, also had grievances with Linda, following she published a story that his wife was pregnant. At the time of publishing the story, Leke and his wife had currently welcomed their youngster. He took to his Twitter page to write, ‘We accomplished had the baby already. For actual gist, adhere to me.
Fashion blogger and entrepreneur Laura Ikeji has lastly tied the knot with her husband Ogbonna Kanu in a classic affair in Imo state. The wedding ceremony took spot at Ikwere Imo in Laura’s uncle’s compound. Friends and households of each couple had been at the delighted occasion which took place as scheduled yesterday. Surprisingly Laura’s major sister Linda Ikeji was noticeably absent. Almost certainly busy with her self made events or blogging. 1 would have thought Linda would make time for her tiny Sis whom she had supported significantly in the past. Here are some photographs from the wedding. The brother of the groom Nwankwo Kanu graced the event with his beautiful wife.
Do you sleep, dream and breathe Nigerian Hiphop? Do you consider you have what it requires to be the greatest rapper of your time. Linda Ikeji Television brings to you a new series named Bars, a rap challenge dedicated to prepare and unearth talented MCs in the Nigerian entertainment locale. This new Hiphop series is looking to give a platform exactly where young unsigned rappers from the underground can harness their expertise in freestyling, battling and song writing to the limit. BARS2017 Audition videos can be accomplished in English and any Nigerian language. Contestants are advised to upload only one video and the on the web entries will close on the 28th of May well, 2017. Be a Lyricist, be rhythmic, be witty, be spontaneous, be original, and most importantly, stink of swag. The hottest lyricist of this rap challenge is definitely in for a treat. So if you actually got BARS for days, come on and lets rewrite history! Is Janet Jackson … Gasp!
Get E-mail Updates Cost-free! Presently, Linda Ikeji has established her social media platform, Television channel, music studio and other startups which in turn earns her far more money. The social media platform, "Linda Ikeji Social", has also its App. Her complete names are Linda Ifeoma Ikeji. She was born in the year 1980, on the 19th of September. She's a news blogger, entrepreneur, writer and ex-model. She's regarded as the Queen of blogging in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji was born into a Catholic family from Nkwerre in Imo State, Nigeria. Clever as she was, she rounded off secondary college at 17. When she turned 18, she applied at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). She's a graduate of English Language. Nigerians searched for her name on Google so much that the keyword became so preferred and most blogs wrote about her just to get visitors.
It was a raging storm. Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji had posted that award-winning pop star, Wizkid, had been given a quit notice by his landlord! The artiste replied and threatened that his 16-year-old cousin will ‘deal with Linda’. He also referred to as her unprintable names, she responded, their fans had been enraged and the war went on. Last Saturday, Linda was at the Lagos State Commissioner of Police’s office to lodge a formal complaint of attempted assault. She didn’t spare any breath in explaining on her blog why she took that action. Just much less than 45 minutes ago, she posted that it was over—no extra ‘war of words’ with the artiste.
She says in her post: "So, I am going to create about this Wizkid matter for the very last time. Anything else just after this will no longer concern me. I told him that I wanted peace. And the explanation why I insisted on peace and not to drag the matter additional i.e. go to court, is since Wizkid and his lawyers have been apologizing considering the fact that Friday, up until now! I spoke with Wizkid by way of his lawyer on Friday April 15th exactly where he tendered an apology to me and said he wasn't a violent person, that he did not imply what he mentioned, that it was just an emotional outburst. And then he asked for forgiveness. But despite forgiving him, he nevertheless had to show up at the Police HQ to officially apologize and write an undertaken which he did today.
I see a lot of negativity has come out of this case with Wizkid - with numerous people bashing me for reporting a threat on my individual. But here's my consolation and why I am glad this happened. I promise you, particularly the ladies, Wizkid will in no way threaten you with harm once again. At least not in public. I think I am the last bus stop. He will consider twice prior to threatening another human becoming once more on social media. A police file has been opened for him, and he has been cautioned. Having said that, I turned down taking a photo with him and the police commissioner this afternoon. One particular of his individuals took a pic of him and the commissioner with me in it and my persons insisted they delete it. Not since I haven't forgiven him, I just never have to have the extra drama. I wish Wizkid all the very best and will continue to celebrate him. God bless us all.
Having a sister is such a attractive thing. One particular minute you’re searching at her with all the really like in the planet, and the subsequent you want to rip her hair out. Now, we are celebrating some Nigerian celebrity sisters, some of whom you may possibly not think. You could be utilised to seeing some of them individually, but may possibly not know that they are in fact siblings. Of course, some celebrities are a lot more common than their sisters, but for other people you can’t contact ones name without mentioning the other. Either way, it is wonderful for a family members to have more than one celebrity member.
Laura and Linda Ikeji. Leading Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, has actually made a name for herself in the on-line industry. Her weblog has more than 50,000 guests from about the planet every single day. Her accomplishment even inspired her sister, Laura, to commence her personal style weblog. We usually see these two sisters in friendly "Who wore it better" battles, even even though they of course have different designs. Eku and Kessiana Edewor-Thorley. Did you know that Television character Eku Edewor is a twin? A lot of people today do not as Eku did not divulge with the reality for quite a when. The two ladies have a lot of similarities in appears but have verified to be unique in personalities. Eku is a social butterfly and extremely nicely recognized in Nigeria, whilst Kessiana is a model based in London who admits that she can be fairly anti-social.

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Funke Bucknor-Obruthe is a wedding and occasion planner extraordinaire whose name we have heard really a lot thanks to her spectacular occasion arranging expertise. Tosin, who is the younger of the two sisters, is an occasion host and on-air personality. Each sisters studied law. The Aneke twins have been on the Nollywood scene for fairly some time, and are now a preferred face in the Nigerian movie business, Nollywood. The two sisters are still operating issues on their personal immediately after generating a name for themselves in Nollywood. Know any other celebrity sisters that need to grace this list? Feel free of charge to use the comments section.
Linda Ikeji born 19 September 1980 is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model. She is most effective identified for her blog. She is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria. Ikeji was born and raised in a Catholic family from Nkwerre, Imo State. She is the second kid. Linda Ikeji began blogging in 2006. She became an active blogger 2007. In August 2012, Forbes Africa committed itself to celebrating African females that month’s problem. In that concern, Forbes profiled Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women and the challenge featured profiles on two young Nigerian women: Linda Ikeji, as effectively as Chibundu Onuzo.