Long Ear Forest

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The Long Ear Forest is a Midgardian forest that lies in the north of Midgard. It lies north of the Targash Hills and it ends roughly on the border of Asgard. The Elven Path cuts trough it.


This was the place where humans first met elves. It is also rumored that humans and other races that are dragged trough the long ear forest by Feyfolk as babies develop pointier ears.


Their are some differences between The Long Ear Forest and the other forests of Midgard. First of all Shanata are more common in Long Ear Forest. Also the forest is the most harsh forest of Midgard in compare to Undain Woods and Damp Forest. All Midgardian forests are harsh, but Long Ear Forest has dire beasts, hardened by the environment that tests them day in and out.