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Magic in Heimr is divided into roughly two types: Divine magic and Primordial magic. The primary difference between the two magic types is how they manipulate the world. Primordial magic manipulates the five elements, the basic building blocks of all matter on Heimr. Divine magic on the other hand manipulates the rules of the world, making matter act differently within a certain area, but also potentially affecting the souls of people and the link between the soul and the physical body.

Where Divine magic is the same magic the Gods use, Primordial magic is primarily a mortal affair. Not even the Angels and Daemons of Danu have much idea of how it actually works. However, since Divine magic is the magic of the gods, it means that this type of magic is by far the potentially more powerful form of magic. On the other hand, due to the nature of Primordial magic, it is usually far more destructive.

Divine Magic

Main Article: Divine Magic

Divine magic is the magic used by priests and other clergy. With divine magic, the natural laws of the universe are temporally modified in a limited space. It is most commonly used to cast blessings on worshippers, blessing them with such things as good health, prosperity in business, a bountiful harvest. Divine magic is cast by invoking a specific feeling. The divine magic uses a portion of the divine energy that clergy gather through prayer. The better a cleric's relationship with their god, the more power the god allows the cleric to use. Divine magic is almost always used in service of their god. Priests who use divine magic against their god will quickly find themselves in trouble.

Primordial Magic

Main article: Primordial Magic

Primordial Magic is the magic of the elements, the magic of matter and the magic of mortals. It is a power primarily used for destruction, since that is what comes most naturally to primordial spell-casters. It is also a power that, if you wield it openly, will get you killed almost instantly when within the lands of the Utgard Alliance.