Midgardian forest

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''Stronger than the Laws of Midgard, is the first rule of Heimr. Don't mess with the trees."

  • Anton Undain.

"Both the greatest dangers and the greatest beauties come from the forests of our world. The nymphs are like pearls in the mouth of a hungry shark that swims in a witches cauldron."

  • Unknown Author.

The forests of Midgard are protected by many strange forces. Magic might propel the community forward, it is not strong enough to show man the answer to cultivating the wild patches of lands covered by thick green growth.


Except for the Flora en Fauna described in its respected chapter, the following creatures live in the forests of Midgard.


  • Shanata (Common and dominant in long ear forest.)
  • Feyfolk (Common and dominant in damp forest.)
  • Nymph (Common and dominant in Undain Woods.)
  • Slemmering (Uncommon in Undain Woods. Rare in other woods.)
  • Halfling (Rare.)
  • Gnome (Rare.)
  • Humans (Rare.)
  • Elf (Rare in Long ear forest. Extremely rare in other woods.)
  • Fae (Extremely rare.)
  • Troll (Extremely rare.)

Angels and Demons:

Layout and layers

The three wild forests of Midgard are divided into several layers, and at the centre of the three forests is the heart. Apart from these layers this section details what might come out of the forests and the long ear forest road region.

Outside the forests:

Sometimes things come out of the forest. These things might be among them:

  • Shanata. They Rarely show themselves outside their forests. Nothing binds them there, but they simply hate and despise culture. The only reason for them ever coming to a city recorded was in matters of life and death, or when they wanted to prove themselves capable of living in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Lures. The Forbidden demons lure people into the forest. So they only come out to get back in again with prey as soon as possible. They are very rare.
  • Nymph. Nymphs come from the forests seeking love and affection. It is really a matter of opinion among nymphs, whether or not the harsh forest wilds spawns more love than the foul stinking city or not. Most choose to stay in the forest but of the Midgardian forest creatures, nymphs are more common sighted outside forests.

The Long ear forest road:

Trough long ear forest cuts a road. Uastra is asked by her worshippers to tolerate this necessary civil process. If paying the proper respect to the environment the Satyr do not attack travellers on this road. The rest of the forest inhabitants leave that road and its travellers well enough alone except for the Lures.

The outer layers:

Only forest dwellers are allowed here! From the moment you are fully covered by the shadows of the trees, and no longer on any road, you are in the forest and have stepped a dangerous threshold. Everybody here is fair game for the Satyr of Uastra unless they ask Uastra for permission to enter. Asking permission is done by burning a book or a used wooden tool. if you enter here by chart or with war machine or try to build something here other than simple huts in treetops, expect Treemen knocking you down! Treemen rarely come her for any other reason. Lures torture and kill their victims here. If Faun find you here, you are lucky, they will play on their flutes until you enter a restful sleep and carry you back outside the forest or onto the road, unless you have Uastra's permission to be in the forest. Than they will simply play you to sleep. Slemerings sometimes come here in search of food, a place to sleep, or a nymph. Goblins sometimes have temporary camps here, they know how to please Uastra. And they have fun stealing and destroying books and tools. Some of the hollow trees house owlbears, their status as Primary angels keeps everything at bay.

The middle layers:

Deeper into the forest. The sun and moon have troubles lighting these places trough the thick leave deck above. Life is rich, dead trees and animals feed the ground and the ground feeds living trees and animals. Life is harsh, natural selection, although dimmed by the Feyfolk, is enforced by the Shanata and reigns supreme. Few Slemmerings, Halflings, Gnomes, Humans, Elfs, Fae Or Trolls ever come this far, those that do are always druids, guests of the Feyfolk, Shanata or Nymph, or hostile to the environment and very, very strong. Feyfolk, Shanata and Nymph build villages in this layer. feyfolk live in hole's in trees and mushrooms. Shanata live in huts in treetops. Nymph sleep were ever they want to, as do druids. Satyr and faun have their meeting grounds here.

The Inner Layer:

Every Midgardian forest has a heart. The inner layer lies around it. Direct sun, moon and starlight never reach this place and it is easy to forget whether it is night or day. Nymph are allowed, feyfolk and Shanata in extreme conditions. The rest of the races is killed on sight by any demon, angel or Shanata that sees them. No discussion, no exception, no mercy, no respect, no playing with your prey, just kill. Even the creatures of the land all protect this sacred grove... even those that in normal conditions don't hunt. Nymph lorekeepers speak about armies of squirrels that rip the flesh from intruders, Treemen bigger than the biggest of Midgardian buildings and dryads that strike you down without you ever seeing them. This is were the Shanata regenerate. This is were the Nymphs go to drink their life water. This is were the feyfolk give birth and receive their wings. This is were the Dryads and Treemen sometimes fall in love.

The Heart:

An open spot with a lake. But if you look up you do not see the normal sky, you see the sky of the celestial heavens. If you fly over the forest on wings, finding this open spot is therefore impossible. This is the source of the life water that flows outwards into the inner layer. Only the most simple of plants grow here, generally just grass. Only the strongest and oldest among the animals may venture here and only do so in extreme cases. Only the oldest nymph in the forest is allowed to drink directly from the source. Only the feyfolk Queen is able to fly over these waters. Shanata come here to die and are only allowed here in the final minutes of their life. There final regeneration into the cycle of life. This is were the Treemen plant their seeds. This is were the dryads come to hide if danger unfolds. This is were Uastra (and some of the other gods) sometimes walks. These are her gardens. Do NOT invoke her rage.