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4 - Common knowledge, it was in the news last week!

Nantillion is the god of health, of challenge and of independence. He was forbidden to split the Shanata, and has not created a race of his own. He was the first among the Shanata who where created by Uastra. Nantillion is the god of the the strong, the smart, the capable and cunning. Because of this most followers favour elitism. The philosophy of Nantillion is the basis of Midgard politics and the "might is right" attitude of the Shanata. It teaches that people are not born equal, and that people should not be treated as such. If people are weak, they are born weak and the natural law will, and should, root them out.

Nantillion almost never interferes all he does is motivate people to help themselves, instead of them helping directly. A very motivated (or strong) person will be said to " be "Blessed" by Nantillion. This can both be said as a compliment or a warning ("Don't obsess over this one goal of yours!"). Nantillion hates the weak and insecure, but never seeks to harm them; he claims their weakness will do the work for him. Nantillion is generally motivating and will often preach "self-improvement".


Nantillion is the god of health though many who are in need of health wont ask Nantlillion for it. Especially the weak and feeble do not dare to pray for better health. Priests to Nantillion often grant the strong who come to pray for health the opportunity for food or other nourishment. Other worshippers try and live healthy lives to honour Natilllion exchanging diet and exercise methods to improve health.


Challenge, It is said that due to Nantllions Shanata nature he has taken the aspect of challenge. His own race often pray for physical challenges to cross their path. Other worshippers pray for help with challenges or for challenges to cross someone else's path . Priests will create challenges to test worshippers strength, wits and faith as a from of initiation and regular renewal of the faith.


Independence is something not many mortals pray for. Worshippers who wish to honour Nantillion in this way wander the lands of Heimr alone and shun villages and cities. Many hermits pray to Nantillion for the opportunity of wildlife or other factors that will sustain their independence.

Good versus Evil

Good religions dedicated to Nantillion challenge all worshippers on entering and frequently during ceremonies. The strong and the healthy will help each other improve and the strongest test themselves by surviving alone for day's ,months even years. Evil cults throw young children into the wilderness to test their independence. They will try to become the elite in certain villages and kill the weak and ones in need of help. The challenges evil worshippers put others trough are harsh and often deadly when failed.


The colour most commonly used to symbolise Nantillion is black.
His animal symbols are stags and snakes, symbolizing challenge and health respectively.
Although not by official sources, the renders are often associated with Nantillion.
The musical instrument associated with Nantillion is the oboe.
Nantillion is often depicted as a strong shanata standing on top of a pyramid. The pyramid often has mortals climbing it and stands on top of mortals who beg and seem weak. Symbols for Nantillion are pyramids with a box on top that stands for the challenge and reward. Hills with many dead trees and one strong tree in the centre. Other pictures and paintings of hierarchy are often seen as symbols to Nantillion.
Nicknames for Nantillion are: Helper of the strong, Bane of the weak, The independent one and The challenger.

Angels of Nantillion

Nantillion's angels, the hellivoorn is a creature with the body of a stag and the wings of a bird. They inspire people to stop complaining about their problems and act out to improve the situations they find themselves in.

Deamons of Nantillion

His demons, the passion reapers, are beings that eat away the passion in the heart of mortal beings. This degrades them to start complaining about their problems instead of acting to improve the situation. The victims lose their motivation for their tasks and their problems will grow, while they get more depressed over it. Passion reapers are drawn to weak persons, making them even weaker by proxy and causing a downwards spiral. They feed on the powerful negative energy's and aura's expressed by weak persons. As with most demons, the older the servitar, the stronger it will become. The oldest of the passion reapers are able to degrade even the strongest of minds into a shambling wreck. In it's weakest form passion reapers look like two floating sickles connected with a chain. As they grow in power they gain strings of energy that they hang from the chain, forming a hairy creature with sickles sticking out, eventually gaining new chains and sickles.

Mandate of Nantillion

Apart from the General mandate of the gods Nantillion has expressed the following wishes from her followers.

General Nantillion

  • Challenge the strong
  • Don't help the weak

Good Nantillion

  • Don't deprive people of lessons by solving their problems.

Evil Nantillion

  • Harm the weak