New Ul-Targash

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New Ul-Targash is a city that not yet exists. It will be created to replace the old capital of Midgard.

Here are text describing the current situation concerning the rebuilding of Ul-Targash:

12/11/2558 A.T. Midgard is lifting the state of war.

Predator haven- Anton Undain has just moments ago announced to a cheering crowd outside of his second palace in Predator haven that Midgard is no longer in a state of war. To the confusion of many, who did not even realized Midgard was in a state of war to begin with, he stated that the Midgardian army is no longer under attack from unknown forces that house inside the city of Ul-Targash. Anton Undain presses the fact that danger is still present and that the army is still on high alert.

Anton has also officially deemed Ul-Targash completely uninhabitable and is planning on rebuilding the city at another location. He apologizes to the guilds that this decision took so long and he stresses the fact that he wanted to be absolutely sure Ul-Targash could not be recovered soon before taking the decision.

Reports from all around Midgard echo that the plague has now officially been fully contained inside the wall of Ul-Targash. The death toll reports that about half the population of Ul Targash has fallen to it since its initial outbreak 8 and a half month ago. The rest of the population has been living in villages and cities in the whole of Midgard for that time, usually given shelter by family members in those settlements. Many people are outraged that the start of the rebuilding was postponed so long and that Anton only apologizes to the guilds in his speech.

We will update this news report as more information becomes available.

15/11/2558 A.T. Ul-Targash to be rebuild on mainroad/silverpeak road intersection.

Predator haven- In an interview earlier today, Anton Undain has revealed the location of the rebuilding of Ul-Targash. The project, till now dubbed "New Ul-Targash" will take shape on the main road just south of the intersection with the Silver Peak road.

Although a surprise no little, some of the Guild leaders expressed their concern over the placement of the new city.

"Het is verder weg van de huidige metaal lijn die we op dit moment gebruiken." Balthor Redhand, head of the mining guild complains. "De transport gaat me flink wat duiten kosten, en we moeten nu of langs het oude Ul-Targash, of door de bergen, of over de Terrendil. Het zal altijd een probleem zijn." The high guard officers charged with protecting the iron convoys, where not available for comment at this time.

Citizens of Predator haven have also expressed their concern. They generally fear that this decision will isolate them from the rest of Midgard and force them to trade more intensely with the mysterious, distant and at the moment unstable kingdom of the elves and Fae.

Some specialized Lorekeepers warned that the new city was to be build to close to the brute of the Render Land but Anton expressed again his love for the virtue of Ranimsul, and reassured the public that the Renders would be no problem.

"Citizens of Midgard. I hear your calls. Grave times have been suffered. Great evils have been felt. But we have defeated it. We have survived. Things will change, yes, but believe me that they will eventually change for the better! I will compensate for guilds that have suffered the most in this change, I will make sure the great machine that Midgard is, is. I will make sure that in years time, this is all but one more bad memory, in the history books of our great nation!"

Anton didn't specified what sort of compensations the guilds could expect, nor did he ever spoke about compensating the common man. "People who have lost entire families will surely not write this of as one more bad memory." A man listening to the speech commented. "I 'only' lost my brother, and just that makes me want to poke out the eyes of that arrogant mongrel!"

Not everyone was on the complaining side however. The Farmers guild was overjoyed to hear there was no need to replace their base of operation and the Alchemists, Bird handlers, Basketmakers, Carpenters, Healers and Shipwrighters all stated that Undain Forest, their main income of wood, would now be closer than ever.

18/12/2558 A.T. Ul-Targash rebuilding hampered by cold.

The Farmlands- The rebuilding of Ul-Targash, the city destroyed and evacuated during the plague outbreak a few months back, is being slowed by cold and other harsh weather. The current plan of rebuilding the city within half a year is already endangered by the conditions as work slows to a crawl. With no homes yet for shelter and not yet a large support from the guilds or people interested in actually living in the city being born, the workers are tired and low on morale.

The first true building was finished yesterday though, the new palace for the Undain family was the first building to receive a roof and the workers cheered as the last finishing screw was placed on the doorknob of the entry gate by Anton Undain himself, having returned from Port Ossic where he has last week negotiated with lizardmen. The banking guild hired workers have been given a full week of payment for a job well done. Anton Undain has stated that he already feels at home and the palace is more beautiful than the last one. The palace is in itself top of the art halfing architecture finished with gnome decorations and the typical human towers reaching high for the sky. "I have tried to capture both the wealth of the banking comity and the splendor of the Midgard nation." Azdin, the Tellurian overseeing the design commented. "It is not my usual style but I really like how it worked out. I did do some of the military rooms in Tellurian tradition but they clearly won't ever be open to public." he adds. Not all of Midgard is happy with the design. "Dat is geen halfing versiering." A disgruntled halfing points out some elaborate design on a wall. "Dat is onzin wat die dwerg gemaakt heeft." However, Azdin assures he had no hand in the actual design of the decorations and that top of the line halfing artists worked on it day and night to finish it in time, he says he knows not what the halfing protesters are disgruntled about.

The next milestone in the rebuilding of the city is the High Guard watchtower in the center. The highest building in the original Ul-Targash. The height of the original was to ensure a good fire signal communications method with Svaldafir, the High Guard capital, so people expect this one to be even higher concerning the increase in distance, that would make the tower the new highest building in all of Midgard, towering over the highest church in Predator haven, the Saint Mayu church, the current highest building of Midgard.