Orc Culture

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Cultural Dimensions

  • Power Distance Index: 3
  • Individualism versus Collectivism: 2
  • Masculinity versus Femininity: 3
  • Uncertainty Avoidance Index: 2
  • Long-term versus Short-term Orientation: 4
  • Indulgence versus Restraint: 2

Customs and Cultural Habits

Things people do because the culture teaches them to do it, also includes the ages of consent, legal maturity, etc.


Main Article: Orc Politics


Non-religious things people believe because the culture teaches them to believe it.

Art, Literature and Music

What does the culture finds aesthetically pleasing or exiting.


Usually builds on the area the culture settled in and the biological needs of the race.


How does the culture build its buildings.


How did the culture come to be.


Naming conventions and example names, including how things like family names and heritage are dealt with.