Places in Midgard

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Midgard has 9 provinces


Region that are smaller than provinces but still have a well known boundary or name of some sort.

Midgardian wilds

Although officially not part of Midgard, the Midgardian wilds are lawless patches of land within the borders of Midgard. If used in speech the Midgarian wilds usually refer to one of the two mountain ridges or one of the three large forests. The underground Render tunnel systems are also part of the Midgardian wilds.


The mountains are part of the Midgardian wilds.


Wild (or "virgin") forests

These three forests are part of the Midgardian wilds.

Non-Wild (or "small") forests

These smaller forests are "tamed" in so far they can be tamed. Officially the Midgardian law is in effect within these forests and they are not part of the Midgardian wilds. However forests of Midgard are always relatively dangerous and should not be ventured into lightly. Non of these small forests have magical life rivers or forest layers unless specifically mentioned.


Primary roads

These roads are very broad and well tended to. Three charts can pass each other without incident.

Secondary roads

These roads are broad and will tended. Two charts can pass each other without incident on these roads. (On smaller roads one of the directions has priority and the other direction has to stop on a side patch to let traffic from the other side pass)

Large rivers

Well known Lakes

Hill groups