Port Ossic

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One of the largest cities of Midgard. Founded by Halflings as a trading hub, built around the Terrendil river to allow ships to enter the City.

The city has three large gates, but two of those are only accessible by boat. In the center of the city, seventeen large Shatterstone Mangonels are posted on artificial islands in the river. They can take out individual ships by launching heavy stones, the size of Ogre heads, at them.

The river in the city is at all times littered with fishing boats on the south side and warships and trading ships on the north side. They all pay the port masters to allow them to dock there.

The rest of the city is filled with market stalls which makes moving around the city in a faster rate than a slow walk, a challenge.

The Iron mine in the western mountains of Midgard ships its ore to Port Ossic by large ships that transport it across the Terrendil river. In Ossic the ore is reprocessed into iron and steel products. Most of the Midgard weapon and armour production is located here.

Port Ossic's economy is driven by trade between the three kingdoms and they often have shipments of war gear or rations that go out to the other two kingdoms. Port Ossic is also a the largest centre for mercenary fleets hired by either Asgard or Utgard to give their own armies a small relieve from the war. A small quarter of the port's economy rests in the hands of the fishermen.

Anton Undain's Cousin, Alvis Undain, was the regent of the city in recent years, but he was suspected to abuse his power as a regent for personal gain and was therefore demoted. In the months following this a new regent Astrid Undain was put into place but was forced to resign due to medical issues. The current regent of the city is Bent Havelaars one of the few non Undain regents and part of the Havelaars family.

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