Predator haven

Knowledge Level: 
6 - Common knowledge, travellers tell tales about this.

Predator haven started out as a hunting village. The name comes from the large game that was easily found in the area at the time. Over time, because of the strategical place, it has grown to be an outstanding city. Because of the expansive, uncontrolled growth, the city its population is a bit poor at the moment.

The current ruler of Predator haven is a human by the name of Polof Stonecold?, true descendant of Chief Regan Stonecold? first ruler of Midgard. Predator haven is the secondary foodstuff source of Midgard, the first being ofcourse the farmlands.

The walls of Predator haven are build around the three gigantic forbidden burial mounds, dedicated to the Stonecold Family. Every stonecold family member who ever lived is granted a place within the mounds upon death. The mound they end up in depends on their rank within the family at the time of death. The mounds are said to be haunted, housing the still moving bodies of the dead family members, feasting on nothing but meat every 3th Wednesday of the month as is customary within the Stonecold family.

The city also holds fort Bazdurgh. A fort of Tellurian design within the largest of the four hills within the city. But build mainly by human hand. Fort Bazdurgh is the largest castle within Midgard but is owned by several rich families because the Stonecold family could no longer support the fort, financially, on its own.

It is the third largest city of Midgard.