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2 - Very common, even the farmers of Midgard know this.

Asgardian Races

The Asgardian kingdom is ruled by the king of the elves and the queen of the fae. These two races have been forced to cooperate by the pressure of the war with Utgard.


Elves are stoic and organized creatures with an affinity for nature. They have an almost compulsive need to regulate their environment and to preserve the status quo. Like elves are skilled at the use of primordial magic. Elves have strait hair, and their ears are upwardly pointed. Elves live very long lives, averaging 500 years.


The fae are exuberant and expressive. They are quite impulsive and spend a lot of time on the creation of art. Unlike any other Heimrian race, every fae has the spark to learn primordial magic. Fae have wavy or curly hair and their ears are upwardly pointed similar to the elves. Their magical nature causes the veins to be visible under their skin in a variety of bright colours. Fae have a lifespan of around 350 years.

Midgardian Races

Midgard is controlled by gnomes, halflings and humans. Midgard is also the state in which slemmering have the most opportunities, which is why a lot of slemmering also live their.


Gnomes have spiky features and have light green scaled skin. They are light-hearted and friendly. They like novels constructions often created for the sole purpose of entertainment. Gnomes are well known for their mechanical work with water wind and steam powered technology.


Halflings are creatures with light fragile skin that shows the veins underneath. They are cautious, reserved but steadfast. They often live in isolated communities, traditionally build out of hidden earth homes.


The humans are the most prominent race in Midgard. A large amount of wealth and political power in Midgard is controlled by humans. They have a nack for learning and negotiation and are quite skilled at incorporating in cultures of other races.. They are physically the same as humans on earth, with their white or brown skin colour and variety of hair and eye colours.


Slemmering is the race without a home. They live throughout the whole of Heimr, but by the others they are always considered to be the outsider. Slemmering love to eat and drink, to copulate, and to sleep. A slemmering can stay asleep for many years. While they sleep, slemmering do not age. Slemmering look similar to humans, though they are rarely mistaken for them, because unlike humans, slemmering get very fat really easily. Slemmering spend a lot of time on their appearance, wearing beautiful cloths and a lot of make-up.

Utgardian Races


The Ogres are a race of brutes and savages, with an occasional shaman or priest thrown in. Most of them live as nomads, chasing down herd of large creatures like mammoths or aurochs. They are impatient and have a practical look on life, which is often mistaken for stupidity. Ogres value physical strength above all else and no moral reservation against killing anything that is weaker then them. Ogres are bulky and muscular. They will either have large fangs, horns protruding from their head, or be very hairy, or a combination of these three. Ogres live short lives, most of them never living past 35.


The orcs are a race of proud warrior-people. Honour is essential to their lifestyle. Dishonourable behaviour is judge harshly and can often get an orc exiled. Orcs live together in extended families called houses. Most houses own one or more farms. Conflicts between orcs or between houses is often resolved through ritual combat. Orcs are muscular fanged creatures with green brownish skin.


Tellurians are strongly community oriented people. Almost the entire tellurian population live in one of three huge tellurian cities. They are adapt at living inside mountains, which is where large parts of their cities are build. Unlike the other races, tellurians have three genders: the producers, fertilizers and breeders. Everything a tellurian does is for the good of the community, and anything they earn or create is property of the community as a whole. Tellurians have a greyish shin. As they grow older their skin hardens and rock or crystal-like protrusions start to grow on it. This process continues until they can no longer move, at which point they die.


Trolls are nomadic herders, and hunters of small game. They live in small groups travelling between semi-permanent settlements. Most trolls worship their ancestors, often as part of worshipping their goddess. They believe the dead can give them power, and worship them through cannibalism and resting for long periods. For this reason, other races consider trolls to be lazy. Trolls are agile, sometimes fanged, creatures with grey blueish skin.

Races Of The Forest


Feyfolk are a race of creatures with no single form. Most are born tiny and feature wings, but almost all Feyfolk change their appearance and function after only a few years. They live mostly in Midgardian and Asgard forests.


Nymphs are the beautiful seductive creatures of the forests. They live mostly in the Midgard forest. Their ultimate goal is to find love. Due to this drive nymphs sometimes venture from the forests and so small settlements can be found all across Heimr. Nymphs look like good looking humans. Some have slightly pointed ears and most have a single sharpened canine, usually the left for male and right for females.


Shanata are the intelligent hunters of the forests. They live all across Heimr inside the forests and jungles. Inside these woods they help the evolution of the flora and fauna by killing the weak so the strong live. Shanata have pointy ears claws and fangs. Most Shanata are covered in fur to keep them warm. They shun all technology that won't be of use to survive. Some tribes count magic among technology.

Aquatic Races


Lizardman are rare on the main land of Heimr. They live in warmest regions on Heimr and can most commonly be found on the islands surrounding the continent. The look like bipedal lizards, of various sizes from around a meter to 2.5 meters. Because of their territorial nature they tend to be aggressive to outsiders.


Merfolk are sea dwelling hunter-gatherers that are rarely seen by the rest of the races. They can breath underwater and have a fishlike appearance complete with scales and fins.

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