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Gods of Heimr

All gods on Heimr are actually two gods (or one god with two sides, no mortal knows exactly how it works). One evil god and one good god. These are often called "sides". If a god is in balance than both sides are equally strong. If a god is evil or good oriented than the evil or good side of that god is stronger than the other side. But the other side still exists and still wields godly powers of course! The two sides of one god actively combat each other and most of the time their followers combat each other as well, unless the god as a whole is weak at the moment and can't afford the luxury of in-fighting. In such a case a temporary peace is often negotiated between the religions branches of the good and the evil side.

Although good worship of a god is often more prevalent throughout a culture; evil worship of a god might be just (or even more) as favoured by the populace in some cases, although usually more covert.

Some cultures even openly(!) worship the evil side of a good far in favour of the good side of a god. Most ogres tribes for instance, far more frequently worship the evil side of Wana than the good side of Wana, without taking care to conceal this fact from their fellow ogres.

Race Creator Portfolio Gender
Ratish First Orc n/a Spirit, Balance, Battle, Morality, Freedom. Male
Gataur First Telurrian n/a Earth, Strength, Community, Craftsmanship. Male
Talor First Human n/a Air, Knowledge, Logic, Trade. Male
Danu First Fae n/a Fire, Magic, Expression, Fertility. Female
Januri First Merfolk n/a Water, Love, Seafearing, Beauty. Female
Primary Gods
Race Creator Portfolio Gender
Wana First Ogre Ratish Slaughter, Disease, Hunting. Female
Ganinisum First Gnome Gataur Gezelligheid/Hospitality, Humour, Civilization. Male
Ranimsul First Halfling Talor Caution, Diplomacy, Resolve. Male
Uastra First Elf Danu Tradition, Harvest, Preservation. Female
Vanessa First Nymph Januri Pleasure, Seduction, Travel. Female
Secondary Gods
Race Creator Portfolio Gender
Tal'Kinita First Troll Wana Decay, Rest, Ancestry. Female
Zalsz First Lizardman Ganinisum Time, Destruction, Engineering. Male
Tahordyn First Feyfolk Ranimsul Protection, Charity, Temperance. Female
Nantillion First Shanata Uastra Health, Challenge, Independence. Male
Sin First Slemmering Vanessa Dreaming, Revolt, Intoxication. Indeterminate.
Tertiary Gods

Other religious topics

  • Divine Beings can only perform
  • Good (angels) or Evil (demons) acts. The performance of these acts by mortals eventually puts their soul into one or more of the
  • Divine realms in their afterlives.

Forms of religion

General forms

  • standard worship based on race. This can be either good or evil worship.
  • higher worship based on creator.
  • situational worship based on the situation at hand.
  • cult worship some people worship a specific part of a god, or worship a god differently than the general organized religions demand. This is called cult worship and although most cults worship the evil side of gods, not all do. Most cults operate in secret, but not all. Since sometimes there is no general organized religion (as is the case with most tribal races) around a god, every branch of worship of that god can be called a cult. However: most of the time, these regional, tribal or inter clan variations are not named cults for practical reasons, and to avoid insulting the local worshippers.
  • summoning? is not really worship at all but pacts and agreements between mortals and angels or demons are usually formed trough summoning rituals. Sometimes the angel or demon is forced into an agreement trough summoning. A dangerous activity.

Special Utgardian forms

Allot of mixed variations of post-revolution and wild versions of these two religions exist. This sparks many debates and sometimes conflicts between the worshippers, priests, shamans and wise men of the many different branches.