Settlements in Asgard

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Asgard has various settlements, ranging from vast cities to small villages and outposts. Most of these vary greatly in both social hierarchy, architecture, local law and justice, and demography.

All offer tithe to the Throne of Asgard, be it in raw materials, trained soldiers, gold or other -more specific- means. In return, the Asgardian Royal Army safeguards the borders and can be petitioned to take action, should settlements face danger.

Most lasrger villages and cities have some sort of trained militia or, in some cases, act as a staging area for a company of Royal Army soldiers.



  • Agis
  • Arun
  • Aumrauth
  • Cohnal
  • Darcassan
  • Mothrys
  • Nevarth
  • Ornthalas
  • Ryvvic
  • Ygraine
  • Zaos


Militairy settlements

  • Taegen Staging Area
  • Ornthalas Staging Area
  • Wormwood Outpost
  • Agis Outpost