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4 - Common knowledge, it was in the news last week!

Sin is the god of dreaming, revolt and intoxication. He was forbidden to split the Slemmering, and has not created a race of his/her own. Sin is commonly considered to be the god of the weird and the abnormal. Those that are shunned by society, either because of weird, bad, harmful or illogical habits, or because society is hateful, are loved by Sin. Sin is weird him/herself, being the only non-gender god and always questioning the methods of all the other gods. It always wants to brake traditions formed by the gods. The only reason it hasn't yet forged a race of its own is because the other gods stop it with brute force. Sin is always thinking up new arguments against tradition and currently upheld laws. He was created by Vanessa as the first among the slemmering.


Sin is the god of the slemmering and a slemmering himself. For anyone who knows anything about the behaviour of the slemmering it should not come as a surprise Sin is the god of dreams. His worshippers will try and influence the dreams of others by whispering certain words or by using scents. Skilled worshippers and many priests use the influencing of dreams as a form of therapy.


Sin is the god who is chronic allergic to all forms of traditions and other forms of order. His worshippers try to change all sorts of order. This is done in many from using solid arguments to change a law to starting a full scale rebellion to overthrow the current ruling of a town or city. Worshippers pray for a spark of rebellion during their plots for a revolt and for aid during the revolt itself.


Sin is very fond of all the things that when consumed cloud the mind and cause all sorts of random visions. Worshippers use all sorts of drugs to cause hallucinations and influence moods. Most priests to Sin carry shrooms and alcohol. Some Sin temples will contain heavier and more dangerous drugs.

Angels Of Sin

Sin's angels, the underlings, are almost as slaves to the mortals, usually the slemmering. The underlings are small humanoid creatures that gather things like food, make-up, playthings, pillows, massage oil and books for the (sleeping) mortal. Sometimes they bring these things to the friends of the mortal they are attached to. The more intelligent underlings can even read and carry letters from one to the other person. The happier a worshipper of Sin is, the more underlings he attracts. Most have none, but some powerful people have armies of underlings. Some slemmering have many underlings that carry their fat body around on hundreds of little feet.

Deamons Of Sin

Sin's deamons, the giants, are simply really big versions of the slemmering. Sin intended them to be his new race, and he actually split the slemmering to create them, however the giants were cursed by the primary and secondary gods and demoted from mortals to deamons. This made the giants ever more aggressive and dumb than the slemmerings. Their aggressive nature provides enough movement to the giants to make them less fat than the slemmerings, usually.

Some legends say that Sin rebelled against the rest of the gods that judged him from being "different" and actually saved a few giants from being turned into deamons. If these smart and friendly giants exist, they now hide from all the mortals and angels, afraid that they would have to face the wraith of the gods if they are ever found and hide from all the demons to, being pure good creatures by heart, hand-picked by Sin himself.

Good versus Evil

Good Sin worship involves creating creative dreams by using whispers and scents, Changing laws by convincing the powers who create and enforce them and using drugs to expand the mind. Evil Sin worship involves creating nightmares, starting bloody revolts and create bad trips by intoxicating and scaring people.


Sin is never depicted in any constant form. Worshippers draw Sin in all sorts of shapes. usually to indicate one is drawing Sin his colour is a chaos star is drawn in the background or in the corner. Symbols often used in rituals/altars of Sin are: The colour Purple-greenish
The animal is a sea pig
Sins musical instrument is mostly a combination of two or more instruments. For example a cello horn
Patches of flesh, bone and hair, stitched together to form a humanoid creature the size of an underling.
Very small or large objects that should not be that size. (This could be anything, as long as it is now large while it is normally small, or the other way around. An example of this is a tiny wooden hut.)
Important documents that have been rewritten backwards, either letter for letter or words for word.
Symbols of law that are burned during the ritual (ranking symbols of guards for instance or important law documents)
Nicknames for Sin are: Bane of order, Father of the wicked, the one who is many.

Mandate of Sin

Apart from the General mandate of the gods Sin has expressed the following wishes from her followers.

General Sin

  • Be intoxicated to expand your mind
  • Have creative dreams
  • Spread chaos

Good Sin

  • Change laws and rules by applying these very laws and rules
  • Demand a method to change laws and rules is embedded in the laws or rules

Evil Sin

  • Revolt against laws and rules
  • Trap people in dreams

Out of character inspiration

Michael Cheval - Absurdist painter.