Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

Name: Slemmering
Type: Tertiary
Deity: Sin
Creator Deity: Vanessa
Origin Area: Unknown
Current Area: Mostly Midgard

  • Lazy
  • Wrathful
  • Greedy
  • Gluttonous
  • Envious
  • Proud
  • Lustfull

Demography: 0.6 million

Breeding: Year round
Gestation period: 12 months
Natural lifespan: 80 years (active)
Life expectancy at birth: 72 years (including inactive years)
Adulthood: 20 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 148 years (including inactive years)

skin colour: Human tints
Other visually distinguishing features:

  • Large amount of body weight

Common languages:

  • Southern Trade (Dutch)
  • Northern Trade (English)
  • Halfling

Common societal structures:

  • Immigrant

Example female names:

Example male names:


The Slemmmering are a Lazy, wrathful, greedy, gluttonous, envious, proud and lustful race created by Vanessa in the image of her character. The first Slemmering became the deity Sin. Their bodies were designed to withstand all the abuse of an indulging lifestyle. They can grow extremely fat (and commonly are!). They also do not age when sleeping in a certain trance. They can be found all over Heimr.

Physical appearance

DSC00874.jpg Slemmering are humanoids that have very varied appearances. Their skin colour varies greatly from region to region and so does the colour of their hair and eyes. In short they look very much like humans apart from the fact that most of the active slemmering are really fat. They do not have large fangs and the men can have facial hair, but the woman do not. When slemmerings grow old their skin gets wrinkled, less than the Utgardian races but more so than the Asgardian races. They lose the pigment in their hair which gives the hair a grey colour.

Not wishing to be mistaken for the fast living, hasty and in their eyes "lesser" race of humans, some slemmering have taken it upon themselves to chance the appearance of their race. Some slemmering societies choose to permanently mark their members in some way to distinguish themselves from humans. This sometimes takes the form of permanents like specific tattoos, piercings and other forms of body modifications, sometimes extreme in nature.



Slemmering stomachs can process just about anything biological. Some slemmering have been known to sleep under a single tree, eating parts of it as they wake up sporadically. An active slemmering eats massive amounts of food in an incredibly short time. A dormant slemmering however only needs a fraction of the food a normal race needs and some slemmering have even been known to take small bites in their sleep, sustaining themselves and staying healthy, without waking up, on rotting food, roots, and anything else in the nearby meter or so. A dormant slemmering sleeping in a garbage dump for example is able to sustain himself many times over simply on the food people throw away.

The fact that a slemmering can survive healthy within such a condition is however not an excuse to actually do so. Most slemmering are too proud to live in such dangerous conditions. However the fact that they can is a comforting thought to any slemmering.

Active and dormant slemmering.

Slemmering have the extraordinary ability to sleep in a special trance-like state. To an outsider this state is indistinguishable from normal sleep, however, if the slemmering is within this state he doesn't age, needs only a fraction of the food he normally needs, but is half conscious and scanning his surrounding for changes. This scanning happens primarily based on smell, and sound, however some slemmering have been known to "reverse blink" every day or so to get some visual input during this scanning process. This information is subconsciously processed by the slemmerings brain and in case of nearby danger, food, entertainment or even in some rare cases, business opportunities, the slemmering is able to wake up.

Slemmering tend to stay dormant for years on end, sometimes waking for an hour or so each week to eat something. They wait for opportune moments to get rich, complimented, stuffed, laid, entertained (this could in rare cases include adventure).... or even.

After they get the situation they want they stay active for years, still sleeping quite a lot more than the other races do, enjoying their lives.

This results in the fact that active, happy slemmering live shorter lives than their dormant brothers and sisters who have not yet found what they are looking for in life.


Slemmering can be found all over Heimr. The usually live within the villages and cities the other races have created. Slemmering like to incorporate one of their indulgences into their jobs. In Asgard slemmering tend to run brothels and shady bars. Other Slemmering invest in certain businesses, trance sleep for a while and see what their money has become.
One of the things they all have in common is that they never forget who wronged them. Revenge is a strong motivation for a slemmering to get up and actually do something other than take good care of his own indulgence. However, most slemmering don't feel the need to indulge themselves in the revenge and sometimes "trade" their grudges. Slemmering don't like to travel and thus if some other revenge can be executed closer, but on somebody else, the slemmering is happy to give his revenge away to some slemmering who feels the same way. Sometimes rituals are used to exchange the actual anger and thus emotional need to perform the revenge. In some area's actual "revenge fairs" or "grudge fairs" are held at secluded places on a regular basis to facilitate this. It isn't rare for slemmering to mate and feast during these fairs... they are together now anyway.

Art, Music, Literature

Slemmering absolutely love entertainment. Quality of life is a high must for most Slemmering and their lust for entertainment is usually enough to lure them from slumber and dormant state even without the promise of food. For all their love for the Arts, slemmering performers are rare, the discipline to learn the skills necessary to create good art, music or stories is usually far above the discipline actually possessed by the slemmering.


Slemmering do not have any central history. Two serious attempts have been made in history to create a slemmering kingdom. Both attempts have failed. The (active) slemmering are too rare and too dispersed to create a central society.