Supernatural Beings

Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

There are many different kinds of supernatural beings. The best known are the gods and spirits. But there are many others. There are many different ways these creatures come about. Many of them are created, either by mortals or by other supernatural beings. Occasionally, magical phenomena running amok can result in the creation of these beings.

Divine Beings

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Each of the 15 gods of Heimr has two races of divine beings. One race of angels, and one race of deamons. Divine beings live in the realm of the god who created them, and are mostly tasked with protecting their creator and combating other divine beings. Those not tasked with the survival of their god often visit Heimr to help the followers of their god, and battle the followers of other gods.

Angels and deamons are organized in different ranks. The higher the rank, the more powerful the divine being will be. The deamons of the five primary gods are known as elementals. These are beings made up of a single element: fire, earth, air, water and spirit. The angels of Ratish are also spirit elementals, making two different races of spirit elementals, one good and the other evil.


Undead are essentially dead bodies that are kept functioning through some kind of divine magical effect. The most common form of undead are zombies. They are essentially the reanimated body of a Heimrian, with a soul reattached to it. Other forms of undead include undead animals. These are different from zombies because they don't require a soul to control them. Both of these are made with pre-existing bodies.

Constructed undead are stranger still. They are created from body parts and sometimes even inanimate objects. An example of this are fon-ewe. They are a creature of skin, flesh and hair tied together. The branch of divine magic that creates undead is known as necromancy. This is most commonly practised by worshippers of Tal'kinita.


Some members of the Heimr races are sick in such a way that it alters their biological make-up. Examples of this are people with vampirism or lycanthropy as well as those struck by the Ul-Targash plague.

Magical Wildlife

There are many plants and animals in the wilderness of Heimr that enhanced through magic. These are most often mutations of natural species by the ripples in the elemental streams caused by the use of primordial magic. Magical wildlife is most common in Asgard, where a lot of primordial magic is used.

Magical wildlife can be as simple as a flower that has a faint glow around it to better attract insects. But there are very extreme examples like Renders. These humanoid animals have a way of adapting to their environment, growing and shedding new body parts through successive generations, that help them live almost anywhere.