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Svadilfar was started as a town to train new High-Guard. It has grown quite large and is now the military city of Midgard. The (relatively small) army of Midgard has its main station here and most mercenary guilds do their work from here. But the main body of the city is still dedicated to the half city guards half mercenaries, the cops-for-hire, the High-Guard.

Since it has started out as a SIV to train new high guards, the High-Guard still makes the law in almost the entire city. This makes Svadilfar the largest SIV in Midgard. The difference in laws consist of the following:

Svadilfar does not pay taxes to the main body of Midgard. This means that road building/cleaning, wall building, sewage, and protection are all payed for or supplied by the Svadilfar itself. Ironically, the Midgardian army is therefor not obligated to protect Svadilfar (but probably will in a crisis or war, because of the strategic placement and importance of Svadilfar). However the High-Guard has proven to be more than adequate to handle the safety and hygiene of the city. The High-Guard is the only allowed law upholding body within Svadilfar and all other guard houses are stripped of their additional rights within Svadilfar. Within Svadilfar you have to work and be a part of the city. Beggars and leeches are thrown out of the city. <Ingmar, voeg extra veranderingen aan de wetten toe, en check ff wat ik tot nu toe geschreven heb. -Thanx, Brian->

Svadilfar is the fourth largest city of Midgard.