Knowledge Level: 
4 - Common knowledge, it was in the news last week!

Tahordyn is the goddess of protection, charity and temperance. She was forbidden to split the feyfolk, and has not created a race of her own. Tahordyn, goddess of the the weak, the feeble, the slaves and the failures. The philosophy of Tahordyn is the opposite of the basis of Midgard politics and the "might is right" attitude of the shanata. It teaches that all persons are born equal, and that people should be treated as such. If people are weak, they are born weak and natural selection will try to root them out. Therefore we should help these poor souls and lift their spirit up so they can carry life once again. Tahordyn spends almost all her time protecting the weaker. She directly and instantly saves people from terrible fates. Tahordyn actively hates the strong and elite, but never destroys them; she claims their arrogance will do the work for her.

She is the first among the feyfolk and she is created by Ranimsul.


Protection, Something many will pray for. Tahordyn is said to grant her protection to all who need it. Despite this knowledge not many in positions of power will pray to her in fear of her hatred for the elite. Those who consider themselves strong and many priests of Tahordyn honour her by protecting the weak and feeble.


Charity is a popular aspect to honour and pray for to Tahordyn. Worshippers often form groups to collect food and money and give these things to the poor. Others form groups to both gather food and money and shelter for those in need.


Many use this aspect of Tahordyn to honour her. Large churches to Tahordyn hold great meditation events where the worshippers and priests eat and drink a days worth of bread and water in a week. This is said to cleanse the mind and remind them of the needs of the poor and hungry. Temperence is also used to save up food and drink for those in need.

Good versus Evil

Good worshippers to Tahordyn will build or buy shelters from where they will help the weak and poor with food water and medical help. They also try to raise those people to higher positions and educate them in the arts of temperance. Evil worshippers will protect the weak and sick but steal from them aswell. They frequently poison the local elite or even kill them in order to even the odds


The colour most commonly associated with Tahordyn is white.
Her symbolic animal is the squirrel.
Tahordyn's most commonly associated musical instrument is the flute.
Tahordyn is often depicted as a humanoid looking feyfolk holding a shield with a hand holding coins painted on it. Usually she is painted standing in front of weak looking creatures of all races holding up their hands to either defend themselves or for charity. She is also depicted holding an upside down pyramid with strong looking men and women on the bottom and babies and elderly on top.
Symbols for Tahordyn are: A shield, A hand offering coins or food, a small statue of a meditating humanoid looking feyfolk and upside down pyramids.
Nicknames for Tahordyn are: Mother of the weak, Chartable one and Protector of all

Angels Of Tahordyn

Her Angels, the Treemen, are slow but massively strong walking trees who protect the wild against enemies that venture too far into their territory and scare away people who come to close to the centre of the forest.

Deamons Of Tahordyn

Tahordyn's deamons are the trilliopedes. These are insects, somewhat like centipedes, but much much longer and with many more legs. Trilliopedes will crawl into houses where the inhabitants need protection, and take up residence with them. Trilliopedes will violently protect against anyone attempting to harm one of it's inhabitants. In return for the protection, the trilliopede will start stealing from the inhabitants and store it to give to others who need it. With a trilliopede underneath your house, you aren't likely to get much poorer then you are, but with all the stealing, you won't get any richer either.

Mandate of Tahordyn

Apart from the General mandate of the gods Tahordyn has expressed the following wishes from her followers.

General Tahordyn

  • Don't rush into things

Good Tahordyn

  • Be charitable to those in need
  • Protect others

Evil Tahordyn

  • Protect others from anyone but yourself so you can harm them more and longer