The first halfling kingdom

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The first halfling kingdom, is no longer a true kingdom. It is currently part of Midgard, and lies completely within the render land province.

Although it once contained the highest concentration of halflings within Heimr, the halflings have long been driven away from their ancestral birthplace by render activity.

The fallen kingdom contains a handful of small struggling halfling villages under constant treat by renders and the area has been deemed unsafe for as long as anyone can remember by the Midgardian military.

The Yellowhill family? is as much "in charge" of the first halfling kingdom as the renders are. The family has been guarding the kingdom and especially the birthplace for generations. Officially the ruins fall under Midgardian law, but Midgard turns a semi blind eye towards the Yellowhill's internal laws concerning looters, pillagers and deserters from the render war, who are all quickly put to the sword by the family and their bannermen families.

Render activity and the render war

Renders almost bi-weekly attack the general area of the first halfling kingdom, crawling from their underground lairs and rampaging across the hills and ruins, killing and eating anything that moves on the spot. This is what drove away the halfings who where originally placed here as a race by Ranimsul. Most of these renders don't encounter anything worth attacking (because the hills are mostly barren) and retreat back underground after a day or two, but some of these renders encounter holy places and halflings villages and will attack these in search of food (mostly halfling meat).

When the royal family decreed that the situation was unbearable, they left the kingdom and (mostly) ventured north, but they left behind their most trusted and military minded noble family and the families that had sworn fealty to the Yellowhill, and charged them with the task of protecting the sacred places in the first kingdom that where not already overrun and desecrated by renders. To this day, the Yellowhill family performs this task admirably, although they did lost sacred places here and there. They never reclaim a sacred place after it is lost to render activity. Once the renders have performed their fouls deeds within those places, they are no longer sacred in the eyes of the halfling.

The render war is financed by the halfling community of the second halfling kingdom. The Tenluur family? paying the brunt of the price.

History of the first halfling kingdom

More history, including the fall of the kingdom can be read in the history of halflings?