The Uplands

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'The Uplands lay north-west and are graced with the Enchanted Forests, most ancient of all the Asgardian realms. Upon its tangled groves ancient glamours lie and under its leaves creatures of great mystery still walk. The region is ruled from the city of Darthoriadan, capital of magic and written knowledge. Fall lies eternally on The Uplands' enchanted glades. Beneath the seemingly beautiful leafy surroundings, disembodied whispers and strange visions can visit those foolish enough to leave the ancient paths; curious phenomena that are caused by the high amount of magic lingering in these parts. By night, Fae lights flicker in the darkness, drifting from tree to tree, illuminating them in eerie ghost-light.

The largest bodies of fresh water within the Kingdom originate in The Uplands, being the enormous Lake Mother and the mighty Deryth and Ygraine rivers. Lake Mother houses the largest ship-wharfs and dry-docks for both commercial ships and military vessels of the Royal Asgardian Navy.

The river Deryth forms an important trading route, splitting itself several times and reaching many of Asgards larger settlements and reaching all the way to the North and Western shores. It is by this way that the ships constructed in Lake Mother find their way to the other lands of Asgard.

The official capital of the Uplands is Darthoriadan, though the city tends to keep to itself.


Rivers and lakes

  • Lake Mother
  • River Deryth
  • River Arun


  • Cohnal Forest
  • Aumrauth Forest