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Voybes (Small words

Saying yes and no

Trallvoj Meaning
Yeye Yes, true, positive, good
Nana No. false, negative, bad
ye… The preface of ye indicates something is liked or prefered. Like yeSharDa, where SharDa is a sword, yeSharDa is your weapon of choice, or your favorite weapon. Another example is yeDa (see below), prefered / valued things, aka currency
na.... Inverts the meaning of a word. Opposed to just denying it. Namak = destroy, nana mak = not make. Don't use it for words that have no obvious inverted meaning like 'nasehh', it makes no sense to 'unsee' something.
YeNa The unknown, something unsure, random

People and objects

Trallvoj Meaning
Ma Me. I. Mine. Myself. Etc.
Ya You. Yours. Yourself. Etc.
Ha He, him, his, male
Sa She, her, hers, female
Da That. The. In possession of, one
MaMa Us, we, ours
MaYa Me and you, where you take the lead / take charge, are the boss
YaYa You guys. It is the possession of your group.
YaMa You and me, where I take the lead / take charge, am the boss
HaSa They, them (no gender implied)
HaHa They, them (mostly male, or all male)
SaSa They, them (mostly female, or all female)
DaDa Those. In possession of things.
YeDa Money, trading goods
NaDa Nothing, empty, void, zero

Other small words

Trallvoj Meaning
Wa Why, where, who, how, when, which, what, question
At At, by, near, under, on, in, behind, is, similair to
Leh Two
Lu Many, multiple, more, group, clan, faction
Oeoeh But, Then, And, Or; A generic word that combines 2 sentences. This word is really just to add fun to the language, feel free to stretch your sentences while using it. It works like this: If you attack me then I attack you. = Ya choppa ma... Oeoeoeoeh Ma choppa ya!
Maleh The two of us
Malu My group (Coppercrew)

Times, sizes and places

Trallvoj Meaning
Beg Large, a lot, too much, old, big
Bes Small, little, to little
Pos In the future (post)
Prie In the past (previous)
TrallBeg leader, commander
BegBeg Really big
TrallBes slave
PosWekka Tomorrow
PosLaika Good day
PrieWekka yesterday
Plem Area, place or position (plain)

Dohhvoj (verbs)

Trallvoj Meaning
Dohh To do, doing, going, working on
Atter To gather, regroup, pil, surround, meet, mix, herd, stay close, join, come
Mak To make, create, cook/bake, to reload (arrows), cause, prepare
Jalla To go, run, jump, balance, crawl, dance, duck, swim, roll, fly, climb, skip. General word for "special walk"
Chokka To harm, cut, pain, bite, hunt, scratch, torture, destroy, shoot, fight, (to chop)
Deffa To defend, protect, block, stop, close off.
Cat Catch, capture, embrace, constrain, carry, find, hold, take with
Tang Strength, lift, pick up, show strength
Ting Intelligence, understanding, knowing, learn (thinking strength)
Fall Fall, die, collapse, be wounded, drown.
Wekka To awake, wake, renew, repair, heal, born, reborn, revive.
Laika To love, like, want, need, grave, have sex with, cuddle, massage, eat, kiss, be kind to.
Legga To act, lie, cheat, deceive, disguise, hide, be cunning, be subtle, sneak. (Dutch: Liegen)
Voj Speak, sing, chant, scream, howl, mumble, growl, tell, complain, command, discuss, answer, promise, swear, (Voice)
Sehh To see, (Can also mean hear, smell, feel (touch) or taste), to perceive
Fell To feel emotion, believe, have faith in
NaDohh Give up, lose, succumb.
PrieDohh Finished, completed, done
Na'Atter scatter
NaMak Destroy, break
NaJalla To walk slow, move slow, slow down
JallaJalla To hurry the fuck up!
ChoppaFall To kill
NaChoppa To heal, to cure
ChoppaChoppa Battle, war
SehhDeffa Guard
CatChoppa Wrestling
CatLeh A hug or an embrace of two
NaCat To release, let go, drop
Atter tang To exercise (physically)
Atter ting Learn
NaWekka Rest, sleep, sit, lay.
SehhVoj Hear (if you need to indicate that you perceived through sound, else Sehh is sufficient)
FellDa Soul, spirit, ghost
NaWekkaFell Dream

Najlu dada (names for things)

Trallvoj Meaning
Naj Name, word.
Trall Troll, most creature that walk on hind legs.
Undie Undead, plants, nature, trees, doomed people, slave, animated things, golems. (The coppercrew's limbs would probably be called "undie" as well.)
Bakka Enemy, bastard, food
Mana Magic, rituals, spells, voodoo. General word of "mumbojumbo"
Uppa Sun, moon, star, cloud, air, a head, bird or owlbear (if they are flying), anything that fly's. In the Utgardian spirit war, "Uppa!" was also screamed to warn when the Tellurian hurled boulders towards the trolls with primitive balistas. (up)
Unda Ground, earth, rock, mountain, mole, cave, anything that burrows, also means ass. (under)
Nat Water (dutch: nat)
Jas Burb, fart, bad breath, body odor. (gas)
Jak Piss, spit, sperm, blood, vomit, tears, sweat, shit.
Jam muscle, brains, eyes, flesh, organs and other squischy bodyparts.
Jab Bones, teeth, nails, any other hard body part. ("Ma jam yeye jab" While pointing at the crotch is a funny vulgaire troll joke.)
Jaf Hair, fur.
am Arm
eg Leg
toro Torso
Copza Copper
MakNaj The most important word in this language (for us.). It means something along the line of "pepare for words".
MakVoj Speaking lots of crap
dohh bakka To eat
FallBakka Mortal enemy
NatVoj Boozz!
NaNat dry
NaNatDa Tent, House, Shelter, Cave
UppaJak Spit, tears
ToroJak Blood
EgJak Piss
ManaPierda ya toro Fireball through torso!!

Word combinations

People and animals

Trallvoj Meaning
TrallHa Man
TrallSa Woman
TrallPrie Child
TrallPos Elder
LaikaSa Girlfriend, female friend, wife
LaikaHa Boyfriend, male friend, husband
BakaTrall Enemy, bastard
UppaTrall Birds, insects
UndaTrall Animals, monsters, beasts


Trallvoj Meaning
ManaTrall Magician
ChoppaTrall Warrior
NaChoppaTrall Healer
LeggaTrall Liar, cheater, thief, pirate, traitor
YeDaTrall Trader
BegTall Leader, commander, captain
BesTrall Servent, Slave
MakTrall Craftsmen, cook, artist
TingTrall Intellectual, educated person
TangTrall pretty much anyone doing intens physical labor: farmer, dockworker, sailor, etc.
LaikaTrall Whore


Trallvoj Meaning
UppaPlem Sky
UndaPlem Ground, earth
MaPlem Home, homeland, (Utgard)
YeNaPlem Midgard
BakkaPlem Asgard
TrallPlem Camp, Settlement, Village, Town, City
NatPlem Sea, Lake, Rive, Stream, etc
NaNatPlem Desert
FallPlem Graveyard
FallDaPlem Afterlife, heaven, hell
ChoppaPlem Battlefield, arena
BegPlem Mountain
AtterPlem Fields where food grows
DeffaPlem Battle formation, shieldwall


Trallvoj Meaning
NaDa zero
Da one
Leh two
DaLeh three
LehLeh four
Lu five or more
BegLu Anything over 20