Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

Name: Troll
Type: Tertiary
Deity: Tal'Kinita
Creator Deity: Wana
Origin Area: Mutama Island
Current Area: Southern Heimr

  • Relaxed
  • Ancestral worshippers

Demography: 3.2 million

Breeding: Year round
Gestation period: 9 months
Natural lifespan: 80 years
Life expectancy at birth: 17 years
Adulthood: 18 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 46 years

skin colour: Varies between a grayish blue and a light gray
Other visually distinguishing features:

  • Sometimes lower jaw tusks

Common languages:

  • Southern Trade (Dutch)
  • Trallvoj

Common societal structures:

  • Tribe
  • Utgardian military camp

Example female names:
Most trolls add "dochter van <moeder>" after their name to indicate linage.

  • Felirum
  • Postimu
  • Bihmesu
  • Folrilu
  • Mesa
  • Walta
  • Pelzu
  • Welpura
  • Ulghati
  • Risisu

Example male names:
Most trolls add "zoon van <vader>" after their name to indicate linage.

TODO: Laat meer op trallvoj lijken

  • Mertock
  • Koli
  • Redra
  • Mertinon
  • Wertokum
  • Porlim
  • Wartimul
  • Polaral
  • Firmita
  • Ortokel

Trolls are one of the four races most commonly found in southern Heimr. They live for about 80 years before they die of old age. Despite their short life span Trolls usually don't have high ambitious and don't do much long term planning. They are rather curious though and also seem very driven on producing offspring, or are just in it for the sex. Troll generally don't care much for good or evil, but they do have a strange alien form of honour and respect, but mainly for their troll brethren. Sometimes for the rest of the southern Heimr races.

Physical appearance

Trolls can be easily spotted as so, because of the colour of their skin and sometimes fairly large tusks in their lower jaw. Trolls are of regular height and build and are usually considered as physically the weakest of the Utgardian races. The colour of their skin is blueish grey. They are known to have fangs similar to the Orc race, though this feature is only present in about a third of the Trolls. Their hair colour can be blond, brown, red, black, grey, white and all shades in which these colours appear.


Main Article: Common Culture of Trolls

Troll culture is low if at all existing in the eyes of the other races. This is, however a misconception. Trolls have a very rich and diverse tribe culture. No tribe culture is the same however. This is why many other races see them as a race without a culture. Troll culture does have some consistency to it however. Their whole race flows around ancestor worship. In Troll society, where you come from is important first and what you do second. Trolls aren't very efficient compare to other races, but everything somehow always works out for the best. Trolls are therefore generally carefree. Trolls have little love for the secrets of the world, they see what works and what doesn't work by doing it, but forget about it in a year or so and never teach these valuable lessons to their peers. "They will learn eventually.. or not, which means it isn't important." seems to be their motto.

Ancestor token

Most adult trolls carry something with them that belonged to one of their ancestors. This token must pass on to a different troll if they die, preferably with some knowledge about the ancestor and some knowledge about the troll that carried it (who will now become an ancestor!).


The troll race has been almost the same from start to finish. Not even the great spiritual revolution changed much. (they simply started seeing some of the gods as their "ancestors" and all seemed well). They started out as hunters, and they are so still. Hunting is the only thing they really need and they make sure they are good at it, this often makes the troll a sneaky sort. Trolls where always in tribes, as long as anyone can remember.


Trolls are Omnivorous , like most of the intelligent races of Heimr. But they do tend to eat more meat than other races, as they hardly gather, but hunt all they like. Trolls usually eat their meals raw or roasted on a simple campfire.


The native language, Trallvoj is still commonly heard amongst troll tribes. There are even quite a few trolls that see this language as their primary language. The lesser known and more sophisticated counterpart of Trallvoj is called Begvoj is is often employed by the trolls of higher standing.

Art, music and literature

Warpaint, song, rituals and a large collection of art (mainly ritual masks and little idol dolls) are an essential part of Troll culture. They tell each other story's around the campfire, but most trolls only know half the story's because trolls walk in and out of the story halfway, all the time. This results in a form of "game" where the story needs to be told by several storytellers, all trying collectively to finish the story. Trolls rarely write, if at all.