Knowledge Level: 
3 - Very common, noble born children are taught this during classes.

Ul Targash, "the golden city", former capital of Midgard.

  • Founding: 12 B.T.
  • Founders: Chief Regan Stonecold settled there with his coalition of human tribes.
  • Current Population: Unknown



Ul Targash, was founded by Regan to form a strong coalition of human tribes, ready to defend themselves against the raging hordes of the far stronger Asgard en Utgard. It is the second official named region of Midgard, (Regan's home village being the first), and was the Capital of Midgard until the plague.

The first guild

When the human tribes noticed that Asgard and Utgard where to busy fighting each other to stop and trample them underfoot, they started selling weapons to Utgard. This however was found out by Asgard and therefor the tribes quickly started producing Asgardian weapons as well. The Weapon crafters Guild was the oldest and most powerful of the guilds in the city, and is currently still the backbone of Midgard economy.

Talor's test

After the opening of the monastery of Truth?, an angel of Talor spoke to the old Regan in a dream and told him were the first lorekeepers could find there Talor's holy writings, and the history of the gods. Regan however kept this a secret to the Lorekeepers and started selling bits of information to them. The Lorekeepers found out after a few years and had Regan tortured and executed. The old man broke before he died and told the Lorekeepers that they could find the writings under the hills north of Ul Targash. In truth, this was all a test, designed by Talor, who knew that Regan would keep the secrets to himself, and now knew the lorekeepers were worthy of his name. The banking guild took over control of Ul Targash, and soon, whole of Midgard, shortly after. The great portal was build 1023 A.T. by Fae mages who felt great magical presence within the hills north of Ul Targash.

The fall of Ul Targash

The plague starts in Ul Targash and quickly kills half the population. The city is evacuated and currently a ghost town.

Places near the city

The blockade

A few hundred meters away from the city walls, a military blockade is mounted. Both Asgard and Utgard help maintain this blockade by sending forces to enforce it. Nobody is allowed inside the city for fear of spreading the plague. But people also suspect that the blockade is there to keep something in. Although Asgard and Utgard are at war, they have agreed to help Midgard enforce the blockade. Asgard helps defend the north side of the blockade, while Utgard helps defend the south side of the blockade.

The farmlands

Nothing really interesting. They are under the protection of the mercenary guild?, payed for by the farmers guild?. These lands are still being used even though people fear the ghost city Ul Targash has become.

Targash Hills

The Targash Hills are north of Ul-Targash.