Utgard Alliance Military

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The Utgard Alliance military is the professional military force of the Utgard Alliance and primarily tasked with protecting the borders between Zarashal and Lhengard on one side and Caldera Wasteland and The Uplands on the other side. The Utgard Alliance Military is probably the smallest professional military force on Heimr?, considering the amount of area it needs to protect. This is primarily due to the nature of the Utgard Alliance and the general distrust among Utgardians toward centralised government.

Professional and Non-Professional Military

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The Utgard Alliance military is the only force under direct control of the Council of the Utgard Alliance. This is the sole difference between what is considered "professional" and "non-professional" military in Southern Heimr. It is also the only difference this distinction can be based on, since there are Tellurian warrior clans more disciplined and Ogre tribes more fearsome than the soldiers of the Utgard Alliance Military.