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4 - Common knowledge, it was in the news last week!

Vanessa, the temptress, is the goddess of pleasure, seduction and travel. She is sometimes seen as an evil goddess, because she is a highly skilled seductress, and not above breaking up long standing relationships for her own pleasure. She eats all day but never gains weight. She sleeps all day but is always alert. she brags all day but always backs it up with deeds, she forces souls to fight all day for her enjoyment, but always heals them afterwards. She has sex with mortal souls all day but never grants them love. Vanessa created the Slemmering in the image of her behaviour and raised the first among the divine beings as the god Sin. She was in turn created by Januri as the first of the Nymph.


Vanessa is the goddess of pleasure. Pleasure, mainly sexual pleasure, is a thing all races long for in some way. Many worshippers ask for pleasure to cross their path. Some races hold great ceremonies that often end in pleasurable orgies and similar activities.


Seduction, is mainly prayed for in the form of talent. To seduce a potential mate worshippers turn to Vanessa for guidance. Many priests dedicated to this specific aspect of Vanessa are highly trained in the art of seduction and always willing to teach this for a price.


As her mother takes care over the seafarers Vanessa is said to protect the travellers of land and sea alike. Some say it is the nature of her race that compelled Vanessa to bless watch over those who travel. Now in almost every inn along the larger roads are shrines dedicated to Vanessa. Small trinkets like bracelets and amulets bearing a symbol of Vanessa are often sold to passing travellers.

Good versus Evil

Good worshippers of pleasure often come together to have pleasurable orgies and indulge in other pleasures such as intimate massages and high quality food. Evil worshippers seek to spread STD's and often have gruesome sadistic fetishes in which they indulge at the expense of others.
Seduction itself is neither good nor evil but many worshippers see the way the skill is used as a good or evil deed. Good worshippers seduce a mate and fornicate and procreate. Evil worshippers seduce others into allies to get robbed or murdered. Others will use seduction to acquire positions of power. Travellers will either meet the goodwill or the wrath of Vanessa's worshippers who will either rape, mutilate or protect wanderers.


Vanessa's colour is crimson Red.
Her symbolic animal is the peacock.
Her instrument is the music box or any other form of automated music.
Vanessa is often depicted as a blond haired nymph women with wide hips and a narrow waist. Pictures and paintings of Vanessa rarely draw her in clothes. Often she is depicted leaning seductively against a tree on the other side of a road.
Symbols for Vanessa are the private parts of both men an women. Small statues of the races bend in seductive ways and symbols of shoes and paths. Whips and other tools used in sadomasochistic play are also seen as symbols to Vanessa.
Nicknames for Vanessa are: Queen of seduction, The greatest of pleasure, Protector of travellers.

Angels Of Vanessa

Her Angels, the faun, are really just friendly Satyr They sing and play people to sleep, but just so they can rest. In a faun sleep you heal a lot faster. The Faun don't have any duties, do to their lazy lives. But just as their Satyr counterparts, they hold wild feasts.

Daemons Of Vanessa

The harpies are Vanessa's daemons. They are winged nymph-like creatures that soar through the sky, unleashing Vanessa's displeasure by ripping her enemies apart. Harpies often attack in flocks of dozens or sometimes even hundreds. A flock of harpies searing across the sky is a terrifying sight. Harpies have a particular hatred for virgins.

Mandate of Vanessa

Apart from the General mandate of the gods Vanessa has expressed the following wishes from her followers.

General Vanessa

  • Indulge
  • Travel the world

Good Vanessa

  • Seduce others into indulging

Evil Vanessa

  • Indulge at the expense of others
  • Restrict the travel of others